Winter Motorcycle Gear

Winter Motorcycle Gear

Many riders are put off by the cold weather during winter, which is quite understandable. However, riding in the winter can be safe and enjoyable irrespective of the distance of your journey. It all depends on your motorcycle gear.

 It is essential to remember that the right clothes and accessories can make the difference between a good ride and a terrible one. And that is why your choice of gear is important. The essence of this guide is to help you choose the appropriate motorcycle gear in winter.

Essential Gear for Motorcycle Riding in Winter

You might have seen crazy motorcycle actions and stunts being pulled during winter in movies and video games. Unfortunately, things work a bit differently in reality, especially if you are not wearing a (or the right) gear. The reason is because if you are cold, you will be less able to concentrate. And lack of concentration will increase the likelihood that you will have an accident – or worse, suffer from hypothermia. Winter motorcycle gear is designed to keep you dry and warm in cold weather.

That said, here are some considerations to make on the type of gear you should get during winter:


First, you have to consider your head and face. When riding a motorcycle in the winter, you must have a quality motorcycle helmet to protect your head from harsh weather and any potential impacts in the event of an accident. 

There are a variety of winter helmets available, and many of them come equipped with a chin curtain and a breath guard that can be adjusted to help keep your face warm and dry. If you want an extra layer of protection against the elements, seek a helmet with a face shield or choose a full-face helmet with a visor built right into it.


When it comes to protective motorcycle gear for riding in the winter, a nice jacket is the most vital piece to have. A high-quality waterproof jacket with a thermal lining on the inside can serve as an effective barrier against both cold and wet weather. Look for a jacket that has an insulating layer that can be removed if you need additional warmth. If you want extra protection, look for a jacket with CE-certified armor on the shoulders, elbows, and back.


A quality pair of gloves is another piece of motorcycle gear essential for winter riding. You should look for gloves that are not only water resistant, but also composed of materials that provide adequate protection from the weather, such as leather or Gore-Tex. 

Many gloves have reinforced palms and insulation to keep your hands warm and protected from the wind. On days when the temperature is very low, heated gloves are an excellent alternative, especially if you are searching for a more versatile glove option.


For riding in the winter, having a sturdy pair of boots is another essential piece of gear. Your boots should offer adequate protection against the elements, which is only possible if they are made of waterproof and insulating materials. To provide additional protection, look for boots with a reinforced toe box and heel cup. Additionally, the sole should have a good grip to prevent slipping on damp terrain.


Buying the appropriate clothing and protective gear for riding a motorcycle in the winter can allow you to have a safe and pleasurable experience. During the winter months, having the appropriate clothing and accessories, from insulated boots and helmets to water-resistant coats and gloves, can make all the difference. 

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