20 Witty Quotes From The King Of Comebacks-MS Dhoni

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, a name that the nation chanted when the Indian cricket team lifted the world cup in 2011. MS Dhoni has been repeatedly lauded by the greatest for his strategies, captaincy and fantastic performance under pressure. We all know how Dhoni wings it on the pitch but only a few of us know how intelligent and witty he is when it comes to addressing the media and answering questions.

We’ve gathered for you 20 witty quotes from the king of comebacks, MS Dhoni.

1. His cool take on losing to Australia

2. Looks like he keeps a consistent attitude about winning or losing

3. Subtly sneering at Daryl Harper

4. How Dhoni and his team handled the pressure

5. Cleverly coming back at the reporter

6. His winning strategies

7. His apt answer for the batting performance of tailenders in the Indian side 

8. Owning up to going grey

9. When questioned about India’s bowling in the 2013 ODI Series against Australia, where Indians conceded runs but also chased huge targets 

10. When asked what was going in his mind during a match…Leave the man alone. 

11. Just casually being witty

12. Keeping it cool!

13. This shows he believes more in performance than speculation

14. Dropping metaphors here and there

15. His sharp jabs at bouncers

16. Not much of a boaster, eh?

17.  Making India great

18. It’s up to us, not God

19. It ain’t so easy to beat us

20. Dhoni ain’t done with Cricket already

Passionate, humble and intelligent, MS Dhoni continues to win the hearts of many. Dhoni still is among the front-runners of the cricket team and brings in the rich experience of winning many tournaments.

There’s more and more of Dhoni’s play to come. And we eagerly await it!

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