27 Witty Quotes That’ll Have You Re-thinking What You Know

Even though humans have spent most of history reading books of philosophy trying to find the meaning of life, sometimes, humor can prove to be a great way to put forth absolutely profound ideas. These 24 witty quotes by some of the greatest minds to have ever lived will make you see the world with fresh eyes, all the while making you smile!


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Now, on to our list of some of the greatest witty quotes you’ll ever read:

1. Nobody wants to admit that they did something stupid. 

2. Where’s the fun in being at your best behavior all the time?

3. The difference between a stupid person and a smart person is that the stupid person thinks they are smart and the smart person knows they are stupid. 

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4. George Orwell could foreshadow the mid-part and skinny jeans internet debate. 

5. If all of your circle is going to hell, chances are you are too. 

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6. The art of making small talk can sometimes be a lifesaver. 

7. Everybody pretends to forget things that would put them in a bad light. 

8. What’s more human than the compulsion to lie? 

9. Do not underestimate the thanklessness of a person you help in the time of their need. 

10. It’s always things that you don’t understand that make you the most curious. 

11. Human hate and human stupidity: the only two things with no upper limit. 

12. It’s okay to settle for jobs you think are beneath you if they help buy your favourite things. 

13. Hardwork that’s also smart work!

14. Fake news travels faster than verified facts. 

15. If you think you know everything, chances are you know nothing. 

16. The shelf life of lies tends to be on the higher side. 

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17. Some things have been bothering the greatest minds on earth since the beginning of time.

18. There’s a downside to having the ability to remember things. Sometimes all you want is to forget. 

19. Why do people ask for opinions and then not use them?

20. Life is too precious to be doing things you do not wish to do. 

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21. Good things are worth your time. Learn to have patience. 

22. You can’t cure ugly, but you can at least learn to grow a sense of humor.

23. Make the best of what you’ve got. 

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24. Don’t expect different results by following the same process.

25. Lack of imagination is a tragedy in itself. 

26. Put in the work, and be confident about the work you put in.

27. If your whole life is remarkable, you’re allowed to have an unremarkable exit. 

We hope these witty quotes brought a smile to your face. Which one was your favourite? Tell us in the comments below!

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