Woman Makes a List of Prospective Grooms With The Salary Packages and Companies They Work For

Arranged marriages have a special place in Indian society. While most of the world finds this concept alien, Indians have kept this tradition alive for eons. Although the upcoming generation is getting more and more Westernized, there is still a huge chunk of the population who believes in finding partners is like conducting interviews with eligible people who meet certain personal criteria.

Most recently, a 29-year-old woman is gaining attention on Twitter for her alleged list of 14 eligible bachelors for an arranged marriage. As stated by her, she is speaking to all these guys through a matrimonial site and is having a tough time making a decision. She had a numbered list with their age, the company they work at, and their salary details.

This is her list by the way. 

Image Source: Twitter

And here are the reactions…

She turned to Twitter for help but it had some horrified as well as funny reactions to her bizarre search. Take a look at some of the tweets. Some were amazed at how even in this day and age, this kind of ridiculousness is normalized in Indian society


Some people found it more problematic than hilarious. The fact that this woman stated that she is a B.com graduate and is currently unemployed on top of that judging people based on their salaries is what enraged Twitteraties. People called her out on this behavior and criticized the marriage market in India

We are guilty of laughing at the fact that she mentioned one person’s height and for another, she mentioned their baldness. Apparently, these factors are very important when marriage decisions are taken as there was not a single personality trait for anyone. Seema from Mumbai has her business sorted for her generations to come because of such people.

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