13 Inspiring Quotes by WWE Wrestlers


WWE is one of the most popular entertainment sports among people. The wrestlers work hard and hold around more than 500 promotions around the world in a year.

Here are a few quotes by successful wrestlers which shows that they deserve the fame  that they have

1.  We have to forget the pain and continue our journey to success

2. Consistency is the key

3. Because wrestling has a lot of emotions too

4.You need to take risks sometimes

6. Always be positive

7. We will always meet some haters on out road to success


8. Never stop chasing your dreams

9. Be honest

10. Never settle for second place

11. You should always believe in yourself

12. Do not fear loneliness

13. Shakespeare would have been a wrestling fan

These wrestlers are more than just entertainers, they worked hard to get to where they are now. Some people may not consider them as real sports people but they should be respected for what they do.


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