10 Best YouTube Channels For Cryptocurrency Trading to Follow

Whitepapers are a thing of the past for the cryptocurrency business, which is now becoming more widely accepted. Institutional investors, in addition to private investors, are searching for possibilities to take advantage of the advantages the Bitcoin market has to offer. Governments, investment funds, and businesses are all putting forth their own plans to start cryptocurrency trading and ensure that their employees and investors can transact in cryptocurrency safely. Several cryptocurrency specialists and professional investors are using YouTube to ensure that businesses and investors fully comprehend the market circumstances and trade accordingly. This is our list of the best YouTube channels for cryptocurrency trading for all crypto enthusiasts.


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1. Benjamin CowenSubscribers: 755k

Many websites only use memes and catchy slogans to talk about cryptocurrencies. Instead of examining the parameters that influence pricing, analysis is frequently restricted to price and price forecasts. Ben, an academic, tackles Bitcoin from a practical standpoint and uses his skills in high science, engineering, and programming to package these measures in a form that the community can easily understand. Additionally, he makes an effort to maintain objectivity in his conversations and give you knowledge that will be useful as you investigate other coins.

2. Evan AldoSubscribers: 10.5k

Crypto Face praised Evan Aldo’s channel as a top cryptocurrency YouTube channel for trading, technical analysis, and Market Cipher usage. Evan first learned how to trade by watching videos like Crypto Face, and he now has his own channel and Discord to coach others, both for free on YouTube and as a paid crypto signals business. He is open about his current long and short holdings, which mostly involve low-leverage margin trading for both long-term swing trades and short-term scalp bets. Some viewers might prefer his content to that of Crypto Face since, in contrast to Crypto Face, his videos are entirely commentary-only.

3. TraderSZSubscribers: 43.4k

TradersSZ focuses on using only price movement to decipher the language of the market. They think that regardless of your level of trading experience, you could develop a special understanding of charting market movements. They discuss their FX, cryptocurrency, index, and commodities analysis. The premium customers’ private Twitter feed will be utilized to update and manage their trade ideas in real time as price developments occur over the trading week.

4. Coin BureauSubscribers: 2.07M
Coin Bureau is the brainchild of Mike Jenkins. He offers his viewers instructive and informative blockchain films on his channel. A variety of cryptocurrencies, including Cardano, Polkadot, Solana, Ethereum, and many more are covered by Coin Bureau. This channel is one of the most anticipated cryptocurrency YouTube channels for 2022 thanks to his thorough explanations and comprehensive range of crypto options. This is one of the best YouTube channels for cryptocurrency trading.

5. BitBoy Crypto  – Subscribers: 1.45M
In 2018, Ben Armstrong made the decision to “go full-time crypto” and devote all of his time and resources to growing the cryptocurrency ecosystem. He subsequently established the BitBoy Crypto YouTube Channel. One of the most reputable news sources for the most recent information on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is BitBoy Crypto. People may get the most recent cryptocurrency news, project reviews, and trading tips on BitBoy Crypto. On his channel, viewers may also learn about various cryptocurrencies, past Bitcoin cycles, and the most recent Ethereum news.

6. Altcoin Daily  – Subscribers: 1.23M

Aaron and Austin Arnold are the owners of Altcoin Daily. As a source of news, market analysis, education, viewpoint, and opinion, the AltCoin Daily channel was created. Aaron and Austin Arnold are unmistakably staunch supporters of Bitcoin, and they employ altcoin trading to supplement their Bitcoin holdings. Daily updates on the most recent news in the crypto sphere are posted on their YouTube channel, along with sporadic interviews with well-known figures in the crypto sphere.

7. EllioTrades Crypto  – Subscribers: 585K
The swift rise of Ellio Trades Crypto’s channel has largely been attributed to his well-produced videos and in-depth analyses of alternative currencies. Ellio frequently focuses on cryptocurrencies with modest caps and a favourable risk-to-reward ratio. Ellio shares his thoroughly researched videos that result in winning plays on his channel.

8. CryptosRUs  – Subscribers: 647K
George, also known as CryptosRUs, has worked in the crypto industry since 2013. He initially began imparting his expertise by responding to queries on Quora, but in 2017 he made the decision to start producing his own YouTube videos outlining the fundamentals of the cryptoverse. He frequently discusses the most recent cryptocurrency news and reviews charts on his account. He recently released 1000 unique pieces of his own NFT called I am George, which is now in stock.

9. Tedtalksmacro Subscribers: 10k

Ted Talks Macro talks about insights on the cryptocurrency market with a macroeconomic overlay. The macroeconomic overlay technique involves carefully managing the portfolio’s split between invested (active) and cash (passive) assets. High conviction and value are combined with a macroeconomic overlay.

10. DataDashSubscribers: 516k

Basically, you can find anything related to cryptocurrency here including news, data analysis, science, mining, trading methods, rumours, and trends. Although there is some amusement and thrill, everything is quite clear-cut. They share whatever they think is amusing. There are also some daily update videos where Data Dash just talks about the markets and gives their thoughts on why they behave the way they do.

This was our list of YouTube channels for cryptocurrency trading. Do you know any other channels? Let us know in the comments below!

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