10 Best YouTube Comedy Channels In India You Must Follow

Comedy is a fiction genre that comprises discourses or works designed to be hilarious or entertaining through producing laughter, particularly in the theatre, film, stand-up comedy, television, radio, books, or any other kind of entertainment. With the advent of YouTube, comedians took the opportunity to entertain people through the medium. This led to an incredibly large amount of channels on YouTube dedicated specifically to comedy. This is a list of the 10 best YouTube comedy channels in India.


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1. FilterCopy– Subscribers: 9.58 M

Freshly brewed videos from Pocket Aces’ sharable content platform. They generate fantastic short videos with which you can identify! FilterCopy creates snackable and relatable short videos describing our day-to-day interactions. Whether it is with our best friend, our significant other, our parents or even our bosses. People love watching their videos and hence they enjoy a base of over 9 Million subscribers.

2. Tanmay Bhat – Subscribers: 4.1 M

Tanmay Bhatt, is a writer, comedian, vlogger, and producer from India. He initially cofounded a popular comedy channel called AIB but now runs his own YouTube channel. He is mainly seen interacting and collaborating with other comedians and celebrities and hosting them to react to the trending and viral videos and memes which broke the internet.

3. The Screen PattiSubscribers: 5.74 M

TSP is a New Age Comedy Channel for Men who swipe right on Tinder, utilise Snapchat and Instagram filters, and are always on the lookout for funny tales. Their videos are primarily comedy sketches, often laced with political satire.

4. BakLOL VideoSubscribers: 11.1 M

Pankaj Sharma, also known as BakLOL video had a strong desire to create videos, which led him to pursue a career on YouTube. Despite the fact that he had no prior experience in this field, he attempted, and over time, he improved the quality of his content, and as a consequence, his films are now widely viewed. On August 25, 2016, he created his YouTube channel and posted his debut video, titled “Funny Pokemon Go.” He didn’t get enough credit at first. Later, he added more content to his page, which increased the visibility of his work. As with TSP, he too relies on comedy sketches.

5. Satish Ray– Subscribers: 907 k

Satish Ray, also known as Imandaar Sharma, is a multitasking machine about whom we will speak in this article; he is an actor, a YouTuber, a playwright, a content producer, a 4 time YouTube channel failure and has also left 2-3 jobs, and yet he is successful now! This is one of the best YouTube channels in India because of how funny his comedy sketch videos are. As mentioned before, his character Imandaar Sharma is a hit.

6. 2 Foreigners In Bollywood Subscribers: 6.3 M

2 Foreigners In Bollywood is a social media-famous comedic group headquartered in Mumbai, India. Johan Bartoli, Hampus Bergqvist, and Vidhan Pratap Singh are the three members of the ensemble. Their video content consists mainly of cultural clashes and everyday situations in India for them.

7. Jkk Entertainment– Subscribers: 35.3 M

Shafeeq Natya is a well-known Indian comedian and YouTuber. He’s well-known for his YouTube comedy videos. He is also known as Chotu Dada and Chhote Ustad. In 2017, he began his YouTube career. Jkk Entertainment is the name of his YouTube channel. On his YouTube channel, he began uploading funny comedy videos. These videos are prank videos & a new movie trailer spoof.

8. Chote Miyan– Subscribers: 1.23 M

Arun Kushwaha (real name Chote Miyan) is an Indian actor, comedian, and YouTuber. His brief sketch films have made him extremely popular on YouTube. He was also a part of TVF’s Qtiyapa, The Viral Fever, and Teen Screen Patti networks. Arun is from the Madhya Pradesh city of Gwalior. On his YouTube channel, he has a number of comedy videos.

9. RealhitSubscribers: 3.49 M

Deepak Chauhan, Piyush Gurjar, and Shubham Gandhi launched the RealHit (previously known as RealShit) YouTube channel in India. Comedic videos can be found on the channel. On June 13, 2015, they released their first video.

10. Make Joke Of  – Subscribers: 11.3 M

Make Joke Of has grown to become one of the most popular mainstream Indian YouTube channels, offering rib-tickling content on social topics to its tens of millions of subscribers. He loads a lot of perspectives into each and every film without revealing his face. He is aware of the various segments that exist in India; for example, there are people in India who enjoy watching cartoon flicks and humour, which may appear to us to be weak, but not to them.

This was our list of the best YouTube comedy channels in India. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!

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