Zakir Khan Meme Templates That Are Too Awesome

The “Sakht Launda” of the Indian Stand Up Comedy circle, Zakir Khan has been a favorite of the audiences with his awesome one-liners, shayaris and relatable stand-up acts. While his acts have made him an absolute viral sensation on YouTube and online, several of his lines have become popular memes. Zakir Khan Meme Templates like ‘Badaal Important Hai’ and ‘Yaar…Ye Kitni Awesome Hai’ have become popular amongst memers, twiteratis, and online audiences.

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We bring you some of the most viral Zakir Khan Meme templates on the internet.

1. papa: beta, uncle ko ek poem sunao
8yrs old me:

2. Me after doing 5 pushups in the gym

3. farmers during the rainy season

4. me to my friends after buying an iPhone

5. me while talking to my relatives on the phone

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6. When an autowala denies going to your destination.

7. When my friend starts reciting his break-up story one more time

8. Parents: Engineering kar le life set hai

9. When your dad allows you for a night out with your friends

10. When students who scored 90%+ in 12th and still studies in your college

11. friend: Bhai, apni gf se kab mila raha hai?

12. When she watches all the cricket matches with you

13. Me after watching Raveena in ‘tip tip barsa paani’ music video

14. When your friend gave you a treat and keeps telling to you

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Which of these Zakir Khan Meme templates is your favorite? Do let us know in the comments below.

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