Zomato Withdraws “Kachra” Ad After Social Media Backlash

Indian ads are mini bursts of creativity that hugely impact our buying decisions. But when they cross the thin line between what is sensitive and creative, they cause a stir. And the same happened with the latest ad campaign of Zomato, #KachraBhiKhelega.


Zomato released an ad on World Environment Day. It was titled ‘Zomato recycles Kachra feat. Kachra as Kachra.’ It featured Kachra, a supporting character from Aamir Khan’s 2001 film Lagaan. In the ad, Kachra represented recycled daily objects such as stools, lamps, and hand towels. 

The makers aimed to deliver a simple message that Zomato has reduced the burden of plastic waste on Earth by recycling packaging materials i.e Kachra since 2022. However, the concept did not sit well with the social media users as Kachra meant ‘waste’, and they showed the character “Kachra” to represent recycled garbage. They were angry for reducing a person’s value to that of ‘waste’.

The netizens called out Zomato for its insensitivity and casteist overtones. They questioned creative directors’ understanding of the social and cultural conditions of the country. 

The massive online backlash forced the brand to withdraw the ad.

Zomato also offered a public apology on Twitter.

It’s good to know that Zomato recycles all the plastic utilized while delivering food. But, they should know they can spice up the brand message without being a social media hot potato.

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