15 Best Indian Non-Veg Dishes You Must Try 


India is truly a foodie’s paradise. Food, for most Indians, isn’t an ordinary thing. It’s a form of love, a way of celebration, a sign of comfort and so much more for so many people. Our foods are a tempting blend of the finest spices, flavours and herbs. And if you’re a hardcore non veg food lover or just a beginner and want to try out Indian non vegetarian dishes, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! Here are the 15 best Indian non veg dishes that should be on the bucket list of every foodie!


1. Butter Chicken

Starting with the very basic, butter chicken easily tops the list of favourite foods of almost every Indian. Goluptious chicken pieces cooked in a silky curry of butter and cream literally equal to heaven served on a plate!

source: wikimedia

2. Chicken Kolhapuri

The Kolhapuri cuisine is famous for its rich flavours. A perfect example of this is Chicken Kolhapuri. The curry derives its authentic flavour from the special Kolhapuri masala which is a blend of peanut oil, bay leaf, black pepper and cloves. The grated coconuts serve as a cheery on top of this already delicious dish.

source: wikimedia

3. Laal Maas

A specialty of Rajasthan, Laal Maas is a lethally scrumptious blend of spices, mutton and chillies, served with dollops of ghee and coriander on top. It is best enjoyed with piping-hot Parathas. 

source: Flickr

4. Kadhai Chicken

Deriving its name from the utensil it is cooked in, kadhai chicken is another fan favourite and is extremely popular for its spicy flavour. 

source: wikimedia

5. Rogan Josh

A signature dish from Kashmir, Rogan josh is made with red meat, and its aroma has an entire fan base drooling over it. 

source: wikimedia

6. Andhra Crab Meat Masala 

This one is a must-have for all the spicy food lovers out there as it is packed with spices that are set to make your tongues explode in the best way possible!

7. Macher Jhol

A comfort food for most Bengalis, Macher Khol is made by tossing pieces of fish in mustard oil with a variety of spices and herbs. 

source: wikimedia

8. Chicken Chettinad 

Hailing from Tamil Nadi, Chicken Chettinad is special for its unique way of cooking and stands tall amongst the various popular non veg dishes in India. 

source: Flickr

9. Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani 

It’ll be a sin to, make a list of the best non veg dishes from India and miss out on Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani. The combination of rice, meat and spices makes this delicacy absolutely delightful to have. 

10. Hyderabadi Haleem

The most popular dish from Hyderabad, haleem is a palatable mixture of meat, lentils and wheat and deserves to be on the ‘to try’ checklist of every non veg lover. 

11. Tundey Kebab 

A delicacy from the Avadhi cuisine, one can smell the aroma of tundey kebab on every street of Lucknow. 

Source: Wikimedia

12. Chicken Tikka

One of the most famous chicken dishes from Punjab, Chicken Tikka can be eaten as a snack as well as a whole meal. The chicken is cooked on a charcoal fire with a blend of masalas and spices and is served with a dab of lemon juice on top. The texture of this juicy delicacy leaves one asking for more always. 

A traditional Indian meat curry dish, mutton korma is a blast of flavours in your mouth as it’s infused with flavours of ginger-garlic paste, curd, cinnamon sticks, cardamom, and cloves. It can be eaten with Indian bread as well as rice. This versatility along with its taste always gives mutton korma an edge.

source: Flickr

14. Nihari Gosht

A Muslim wedding can never be complete without serving the authentic Nihari Gosht. Originating in the Awadhi Rasoi of Lucknow. It is a mutton stew, cooked on a low flame which seems to melt in the mouth and leaves an amazing aftertaste for a long time to be savoured and enjoyed.

source: wikimedia

15. Prawn Curry

This dish is definitely going to be like heaven on a plate for all the seafood lovers out there. Prawn Curry is a Goan dish served with raw mango flavours. Succulent and juicy prawn pieces are cooked with a variety of flavours and this dish is best served with steamed rice. 

With this, we wrap the list of the best Indian non veg dishes you should try. Even though we weren’t able to cover all the scrumptious dishes our country has to offer, but these ones should definitely be on your must-try list! 

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