Heroic Bus Driver with a Bullet in Arm Keeps Driving for 30 Kms to Save 35 Passengers


A minibus driver was driving peacefully on the Amravati-Nagpur highway just like every day, but today his bus was chased by some dacoits in a car, near Shegaon. The brave and smart driver tried dodging bullets while driving the bus, but one of the bullets pierced through one of his arms. Despite that, he kept his cool and drove for another 30 Kilometers, till he moved past the decoits. This unsung hero surely needs to be recognized!


Who was the heroic bus driver?

Khomdev Kawade, the braveheart, helped 17 members of a family along with other passengers and saved their lives by driving to Sawadi village- until the car-borne gang stopped chasing them.

What happened afterward?


The Amravati police were alerted about the incident and instantly came to the scene. They also accompanied the driver to the Nandgaonpeth police station to file a report and get the driver treatment for his injuries in the nearby hospital.

Who were the decoits?

The gang members were caught chasing the bus in the CCTV footage collected from the Nagpur exit and entry points. The car they were driving was also a stolen one with a UP registration number. We hope that they get caught soon.

We Salute Khomdev Kawade!

It is very unusual and seldom that a person selflessly helps or comes to the rescue of strangers, let alone their known people. We need more people like Khomdev who restore our faith in humanity and kindness. Let’s become like him and help each other in times of need- to become a better and safer society. And, by the way, who needs superheroes when we can celebrate the bravery of Khomdev?

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