7 TV Shows Releasing In February 2024 You Can’t Wait To Watch

Several shows are coming up and we have handpicked some of the best shows from your favorite OTT platforms and TV networks. But, if we missed any- tell us about that show! Well, do you like action thrillers like One Piece? Then be ready for another live-action anime adaptation this month. We have compiled a list of some of the best TV shows releasing in February. Grab a pack of popcorn, prepare a nice dinner, and have a sweet Valentine’s date with one of your favorite shows from this list!


1. Mr. & Mrs. Smith | 2 February | Prime Video

It is an action thriller about a couple John and Janw Smith, who are also colleagues working as secret agents for a hidden organization. They have to deal with dangerous criminals, face death face-to-face every day, and also manage their relationships (a lot to do!). Are they ready to deal with so many hurdles together? A new kind of thrilling show with a relationship to explore- sounds like an interesting pick for the weekend, right?

2. Tracker | 11 February | CBS

It’s a crime drama series about Colt Shaw, a private investigator who solves crime cases and helps police as well as citizens. He travels on his old RV across the country and helps locate missing individuals. However, his one case turns into his last case and changes a lot for him. What was that last case? Well, this movie has a lot of secrets! It stars Justin Hartley, Mary McDonnell, and Lee Tergesen in lead roles. A suspense-filled show is everyone’s favorite!

3.  Bob Hearts Abishola Season 5 | 12 February | CBS

Probably the only sitcom show in this list, but a must-watch! This show has already had 4 seasons and its fifth and final season is now lined up for release. The show tells the story of a middle-aged businessman from Detroit who falls in love with his Nigerian nurse, Abhishola. He had a heart attack and his cardiac nurse healed his heart not through just medicines but also through love! The show is filled with many comic scenes, chaos, joy, and sweet moments. The series stars Billy Gardell, and Folake Olowofoyeku in lead roles.

4. Life & Beth Season 2| 16 February | Hulu

Life And Beth is a comedy-drama series about Beth, a grown-up woman who starts having flashbacks from her teen life and she gets a chance to take lessons from her old self. She learns about herself and who she wants to become in the future. It is also a slice-of-life series that might help us also get a little enlightened! The show received appreciation from the viewers and is returning with a second season. The series stars Amy Schumer in the role of Beth and she owns the role!

5. Constellation | 21 February | Apple TV+

It is a sci-fi thriller about an astronaut who travels to space because of a project but has to return when a disaster happens in space. But, when she returns to earth, she finds that many things about her life are amiss. The reason behind all this was her space travel mission and the dark truth associated with it. She makes up her mind to expose all the dark secrets about space travel to recover what she lost in her life. Noomi Rapace is portraying the role of Jo, the astronaut whose life changes after one space accident.

6. Avatar: The Last Airbender | 22 February | Netflix 

The show will be about four nations- Earth, Fire, Air, and Water who lived in harmony, and later on, they turned bitter towards each other. Now, a young boy has been born to master his powers and save this planet from going to war. However, since Netflix has created a masterpiece like One Piece, we are assured that Netflix will do justice to this one also. It is another live-action series and remake of a great Anime series by the same name. The original series has a 9.3 IMDb rating and 100% likeability on Rotten Tomatoes- so the expectations are pretty high!

7. Halo Season 2 | February 8 | Paramount+

A sci-fi action-adventure series, Halo was released in 2022 and shook the audience with its hyper-realistic scenes of the world that we will live in, in the 26th century. The series further shows that the world has not just turned super advanced and chaotic, but the aliens have invaded our planet and threatened human existence. Prefer to watch such sci-fi action thrillers? This one has a 7.2 IMDb rating and our team of talented human protectors are back to fight the aliens!

The lineup of TV shows releasing in February is as exciting as couples are excited for Valentine’s Day. Can’t wait to binge-watch!

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