10 Big South Indian Movies Releasing in November 2023

The South Indian movie industry consistently delivers blockbuster hits by following a successful formula. This includes compelling stories, realistic characters, a balance of action and emotion, great songs, and effective use of special effects. Many new South Indian movies in November aim to have engaging plots and characters like Baahubali, Pushpa, and Kanchana.

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South Indian cinema has gained a significant following among Bollywood fans, and the popularity of South Indian actors has grown in recent years. To stay updated, let’s explore the list of 10 new South Indian movies releasing in November 2023.

1. Maa Oori Polimera 2 | Telugu | November 2, 2023

This is a hair-raising horror thriller movie about a man who goes out in search of those who were behind the death of his brother. The only issue is- his brother died in a village that is plagued by black magic and evil spirits. If you love supernatural flicks that include horror and mystery- this is a must-watch for you!

2. Alexa | Kannada | November 3, 2023

It is a crime thriller that revolves around a woman who recently got hitched to a man but later turns out that the people close to her are related to the pharma mafia and things aren’t as plain as she thought. The fight against medical crimes, and illicit use and sale of medical drugs- this movie covers all that goes behind the curtains and acts as an eye opener. Watch this enthralling crime thriller filled with suspense, action, and crime this November.

3. Garudan | Malayalam | November 3, 2023

The movie’s story is as intense as it looks from the movie’s poster! Garudan is a crime thriller film that also overlaps with psychological horror (a mix of genres). It shows the intense battle between a failed cop and a family man who has locked horns with the police officer to get justice.

4. Jigarthanda DoubleX | Tamil | November 10, 2023

It is a period-action comedy film that is a prequel to the superhit movie Jigarthanda. It revolves around the story of a filmmaker living in Tamil Nadu in the 1970s era. In his desperate attempts to remain a filmmaker- he joins hands with a ruthless gangster to make a western movie.

5. Aadikeshava | Telugu | November 10, 2023

It is a pure action drama movie- one that many South Indian movie lovers would love! It is directed by Srikanth N Reddy and stars Panja Vaisshnav Tej, Sreeleela, Joju George, and Aparna Das as lead characters. Well, the story is kept under wraps to keep up the excitement and we are loving that too!

6. Garadi | Kannada | November 10, 2023

A movie directed by Yogiraj Bhat- is another big project that has created a lot of buzz from the time it was announced. Apparently, the movie is based on the lives of pailwaans, and traditional gymnasiums- a topic that is fresh to explore and may attract a lot of viewers.

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7. Japan | Tamil | November 12, 2023

It is an action drama thriller movie that will feature Karthi, Sunil, and Anu Emmanuel in important roles. The movie has also got a tadka of crime and comedy (an all-rounder!). The movie is about a thief and a con artist called Japan who steals 200 crore rupees worth of jewelry from a shop and the police are after him. The movie’s story sounds so interesting, right? We hope it turns out really interesting too!

8. Mangalavaram | Telugu | November 17, 2023

It is a psychological horror thriller that is set in the 80s-90s decade. The story is about a small village where a series of murders have happened out of the blue and every resident is filled with fright. But everything is centered around a woman named Shailu. Why is she connected with these murders? That’s what the film reveals. It is a heart-thumping thriller that will surely blow away your mind!

9. Maharani | Malayalam | November 24, 2023

Maharani is a comedy-drama movie that is directed by G. Marthandan. The main role of Maharani is played by Jaffer Idukki. It looks like an interesting movie with a lot of comedy and hilarious events. The story is not revealed yet- so, we are excited for the release- are you?

10. Dhruva Natchathiram | Tamil | November 24, 2023

Dhruva Natchathiram: Chapter One – Yuddha Kaandam is a mystery thriller about a leader called John, “The Basement. This group gathers together and fights terrorist organizations that create an imbalance in law and order. It stars a big name in the South film industry Vikram in the lead role.

Which one of the above 10 new South Indian movies releasing in November 2023 have you selected to watch? Tell us in the comments.

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