10 Movies and Series Released on OTT In April 2024


A new month is here and OTT platforms are in no mood to fool you (trust me!). They have a long list of eagerly awaited shows and some superhit movies that you missed watching in theatres (plus the new ones too). April is all about cool breeze, summer warmth ( and even too hot and humid!), but a lot of spicy entertainment served to you sitting on your couch! Now, quickly scroll down and look at the 10 movies and series released on OTT in April 2024.

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1. Wish | 03 April 2024 | Disney+Hotstar

A Disney movie that your kids and your inner kid- everyone will love! It is a fantasy film about a young girl named Asha who makes a wish so powerful- that it comes true! Now, Asha has to save her kingdom and her innocent people from evil King Magnifico. The movie will win your heart with the fine animation, a gripping storyline, and of course- Disney’s soothing music.

2. Ripley | 04 April 2024 | Netflix

A crime drama thriller film about a psychopathic man who is a smooth liar and got the task of going from New York to Italy by a rich man to get his son back to go out on an extended vacation and is not returning. The movie is based on the 1955 crime novel adaptation that was written by Patricia Highsmith. Already, a movie was made on this novel- now a detailed series will explore so much in detail about the ‘Talented Mr. Ripley’.

3. Parasyte: The Grey | 05 April 2024 | Netflix 

An engaging thriller by the makers of Hellbound and Train To Busan- this movie is the live-action adaptation of the Japanese manga series which is about a set of deadly aliens who are like parasites and use humans as hosts- even go to the lengths of creating their hidden societies on our planet- that’s scary! For all those who love watching futuristic scary alien movies in which you will see a lot of adventure, thrill, jumpscares, and even savior moments- this is the movie for you.

4. Scoop | 05 April 2024 | Netflix

It is a dramatic retelling of all the events that went behind the scenes in the infamous Prince Andrew interview that exposed a lot and created waves everywhere. The movie shows the prime BBC news night journalist- Emily Maitlis and her team who did all the work to help procure the content and get the interview done. Especially, the movie focuses on those parts where the Duke of York exposed his relationship with the convicted pedophile and the owner of Epstein Islands- Jeffery Epstein. The movie’s trailers look promising and the stars- Gillie Anderson, and Billie Piper make the movie all the more enticing.

5. Sugar | 05 April 2024 | Apple+

An espionage series with eight long episodes- the movie features Hollywood actor Collin Farrel in the role of a spy- John Sugar who is given a case to solve that seems simple at first- but has a lot of unexpected twists. The case is about the missing granddaughter of a famous Hollywood producer. Since Collin Farrel is playing a detective- the fans do not doubt that it is going to be engaging so if you are a fan of some great mind-bending spy series- this is a good pick for you.


6. Farrey | 05 April 2024 | ZEE5

A teen thriller film, this one released in 2023- and finally it is releasing on the OTT platform ZEE5- so those who missed watching it in theatres- here you go! Farrey is about an orphan genius named Niyati who is admitted to an elite school. To gain some respect from her classmates- she starts helping them cheat in exams through various elaborate tricks. But, if someone catches them- Niyati has a high chance of getting affected the most- what will happen to these desperate high school teens?

7. How To Date Billy Walsh | 05 April 2024 | Amazon Prime Video

A teen rom-com drama film about a pair of childhood best friends- Amelia and Archie. Archie always had feelings for Amelia but he never built up the courage to confess his love. However, when he finally decides to confess- Amelia already has a crush on new school hottie- Billy Walsh. Now, Archie is trying to bring distance between Amelia and Billy instead of bringing them close- but they still get close! What will happen to Archie and Amelia’s relationship now? We hope that the two end up together  (or not!).

8. Siren | 11 April 2024 | Disney+Hotstar

A Tamil language a high-octane action crime thriller film starring Jayram Ravi in the lead role. The movie revolves around an ambulance driver who turns into a criminal for some reason that nobody knows- but while in prison for his crimes- he waits and thinks of only getting out and taking revenge. He finally gets a chance after 14 years- who are his targets and why? Watch the movie and tell us too!

9. Amar Singh Chamkila | 12 April 2024 | Netflix

A Netflix movie directed by Imtiaz Ali- the first movie by Imtiaz that is getting an OTT release- and fans can’t seem to wait! It is a biographical musical movie based on the life of Amar Singh Chamkila and his wife who used to perform live concerts throughout Punjab and were hugely popular. Their bold lyrics and upbeat music didn’t sit well with many political parties and authorities and the clash of opinions led to a disaster- they both were murdered while on their way to a concert. The movie is a superhit and has 8 IMDb rating- don’t miss out!

10. Chief Detective 1958 | 19 April 2024 | Disney+Hotstar

A Korean detective crime drama series having a setup of 1958 when the world had no idea about the internet and smartphones. You will see a smartly dressed detective with his group of colleagues- on a mission of his own to save many people from the injustices of powerful and evil people. The series has created a lot of buzz with its poster, tailor, and even the storyline- so, stay updated and watch the show as soon as it relates on Hotstar!

Have any suggestions to add to our compilation of movies and series released on OTT in April 2024? Write and share with us all your views in the comments. Happy Watching!

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