8-year-old Boy From Shivamogga Becomes Inspector For One Day


In a world of bizarre and negative news stories, positivity is much needed. And this positivity came through recent news of an 8-year-old boy who became an inspector for one day. This incident took place in Shivamogga district of Karnataka. The boy was suffering from a heart disease and his only wish was to become an inspector. And the best part is his wish was fulfilled by the police department and he was made an inspector for a day.

Shivamogga’s district SP, Mithun Kumar, and his team decided to take it upon themselves to fulfill this 8-year-old’s wish. The boy, Ajaan Khan, was made an inspector for a day. He performed the symbolic duties of an officer at Doddapet police station.

When the SP of Shivamogga came to know about the boy through his parents, he immediately directed the officials to do everything necessary to fulfill the boy’s wish. When asked about the incident, Mithun Kumar said that when the parents approached him with this special request, he approved it on humanitarian grounds. He thought that the boy was very aspirational and performed his symbolic duties well.
The boy even signed the visitors’ record and approved a leave of one of the staff.


The SP of Shivamogga took to Twitter to share this heartwarming incident:

The police staff was very friendly with the boy. One of them, who played the role of a thief for the boy’s sake, was given a piece of advice from this 8-year-old. Ajaan Khan, the 8-year-old  boy, also saluted the Superintendent of Police, Mithun Kumar who was also present there. The boy, as said by his father, Tabrez Khan, is suffering from this heart disease since he was just 3 months old.

The police’s act of kindness restores the faith in humanity. We really underestimate the goodness mankind is capable of. Fulfilling this 8-year-old’s dream was truly incredible.

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