15 Mesmerizing Krishna Temples In India

India is home to some of the most beautiful temples in the world. Our temples are not just places of worship but these structures speak volumes of how rich our cultural and architectural heritage was. The mesmerizing beauty and skillfully carved temple walls give nothing but peace to mind, soul, and eyes! Thus on the occasion of Janmashtami, we bring you some of the best Krishna Temples in India that you would definitely want to visit:

1. Jagannath Temple | Puri | Odisha

One of the Dhams of the renowned Chardham Yatra, Jagannath temple is a popular Lord Krishna Temple in India. Idols of brother Balarama and sister Subhadra are beside Lord Jagannath. Krishna is the avatar of Lord Jagannath which literally translates into ‘Lord of the world’. There are many unique things about the architecture of the temple like the shadow of the temple is never visible. Despite its location close to the ocean, you will not be able to hear the wave sounds in the movement as you step into the premises of the temple but you can hear it while coming out! Miracle isn’t it?

2. Sri Sri Radha Madhan Mohan Mandir | Vrindavan | Uttar Pradesh

Located on the top of Dvadasaditya Tila, 50  feet-high hill, Sri Radha Madan Mohan Mandir was the first temple to be built in Vrindavan. Krishna here is situated along with Radha Rani and Lalita Sakhi. Legend has it that the main idol of the temple was discovered by Madana-Mohan at the base of an old Vat tree in Vrindavana, the same place where he used to chant bhajan (devotional songs). Madana-Mohan then decided to pass on the image of the idol to his disciple, Purusottama Chaube, who later gave it to Sanatana Gosvami. The temple also holds a strong connection with Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

3. Shri Nathji Temple | Nathdwara | Rajasthan

Shrinathji Temple in Nathdwara is mainly known for its main idol, which was brought by the king of Mewar from the Govardhan hill to safeguard it against the Aurangzeb. The principal deity of the temple or Gadadhar, and is depicted as a black representation of Vishnu. Initially, when the idol was brought down from the Govardhan, it was not meant to be installed at the same place where it currently stands. Unintentionally, the chariot carrying the idol jammed here, and consequently, a shrine was established with the permission of the then Rana of Mewar at Nathdwara. It is one of the most sacred places for Hindu devotees.

4. Shree Ranchhodraiji Maharaj Mandir | Dakor | Gujarat

Counted among the must-visit temples in India, Shree Ranchhodraiji Maharaj Mandir is located on the bank of Lake Gomti, amidst the main bazaar of Dakor. The current structure of the temple was constructed om 1772 by the Maratha noble. There is an interesting story about Krishna being given the name Ranchhodrai which means ‘the man who fled from the battlefield’. Jarasandha, the son-in-law of Kansa, attacked Mathura 17 times and was always defeated. But when he attacked them 18th time along with Kalyavan, Krishna decided that he would not let any more bloodshed happen as this time could be a great war. So, he along with the people of Mathura left the place to settle elsewhere.

5. Shri Keshavraiji Temple | Bet Dwarka | Gujarat 

Situated in the Bet Dwarka, Shri Keshavraiji Temple is a highly revered Hindu temple. It is believed to be the actual abode of Lord Krishna. This was the place where Sudama came to meet Krishna after several years and bought a handful of rice for his best friend. Pushkarna Brahmin along with Bhatia devotees, mostly from Sindh, Rajasthan, Kutch, Gujarat, and Punjab, visit Keshavraiji most often.

6. Dwarkadhish Temple | Gujarat

Needless to any introduction, Dwarkadhish also known as Trilok Sundar is an important mythological base for the devotees of Shri Krishna. The literal of Dwarka signifies ‘Gate to Liberation’- ‘Dwara’ meaning door and ‘ka’ implying eternal happiness. Like Jagannath temple, Dwarkadhish is considered one of the four Dhams in India. Dwarkadhish takes pride that it was once the capital of Lord Krishna. Locals even say that the original structure of the temple was commissioned by the great-grandson of Lord Krishna, Vajranabhji.

7. Guruvayur Temple | Guruvayur | Kerala

Enlisted in the list of top temples in South India, Guruvayoor Temple is often reckoned by the pilgrims as ‘Dwarka of the South.’ The main sanctum of the temple was built in 1638 AD. Here the four-armed statue of Lord Krishna adorns the holy Tulsi (basil) garland and pearl necklace. The big tank in the temple is claimed to be the place where Lord Shiva’s family worshiped Vishnu. During the festival celebrations, the temple attracts a huge crowd. To enter the temple, devotees should follow a dress code; men should wear dhoti, and for women, there is a saree or salwar.

8. Banke Bihari Temple | Vrindavan | Uttar Pradesh

Banke Bihari temple is one of the seven prominent ancient temples in Vrindavan. It was built in 1863 by Goswamis, and the idol was brought down from Nidhivan. Lotus feet of the idol are kept hidden; they can be only seen on Akshaya Tritiya. Another unique about the idol is that by looking continuously in the eyes of the idol, you might lose self-consciousness. And that’s the reason why the idol remains covered with curtains most of the time. In Banke Bihari temple, Mangala-arati is performed only once a year and that is on Janmashtami. Devotees believe that if they attend this aarti, there will be no financial problems in the future.

9. Yulla Kanda | Kinnaur | Himachal Pradesh

Yulla Kanda is the world’s highest Krishna Temple. The temple is located inside the lake. The lake is situated at a height of 3895 metres above sea level and one has to trek to reach there. The lake has been made by the Pandavas during their term in exile. After the lake, the construction of the temple was undertaken. Although the place remains deserted for a major part, every year tourists, local people, and those from nearby districts gather together in large numbers to celebrate the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna.

10. Prem Mandir | Vrindavan | Uttar Pradesh

Prem Mandir is the most amazing and mesmerizing Hindu Temple in India. Located on the outskirts of Vrindavan, this divine temple was gifted by Rasik saint Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj, a spiritual guru of the holy city of Varanasi. In each and every corner of the temple, you can find mirror paintings and figures, depicting the important events of Lord Krishna’s life. Visiting this temple would be a surreal experience that you can never experience elsewhere as it is one of the most beautiful Krishna Temples in India.

11. Udupi Sri Krishna Matha | Udupi | Karnataka

Located near the coastal region of Western Ghats, Udupi is a popular Hindu temple sacred to Lord Krishna in South India. The temple was originally founded by Shri Madhvacharya, a Vaishnava saint, in the 13th century. Locals even say that the Madhvacharya found the murti of Sri Krishna in a ship, which he saved miraculously from the clutches of fatal storm breeding on the sea at Malpe. Around the temple, there are several ancient shrines; the oldest amongst them is the temple made of wood and stone and is believed to be 1500 years old.

12. Govind Dev Ji Temple | Jaipur | Rajasthan

Govind Dev Ji Mandir is located in the pink city, Jaipur. The main idol of the temple was brought by Raja Sawai Jai Singh II, the founder of Jaipur. The structure of the temple was built by Mughal Emperor, Akbar. Legend has it that the Lord Krishna’s image in the temple looks like Krishna’s form during his incarnation on earth. The main idol was formed by Bajranabh, the great-grandson of Lord Krishna.

13. ISKCON | Vrindavan | Uttar Pradesh

Vrindavan ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness), also known as Mathura Krishna Balaram Mandir is magnificent. The temple was built in 1975. The temple has intricately carved walls and domes which you need to pass to reach the main sanctum where the idols are kept. There are three altars there, each with Krishna and his different forms. In the central altar, a beautiful idol of Krishna and Balarama is adorned. The right altar has the idol of Radha Krishna with Gopi, Lalita, and Vishakha, and the left one is decorated with Murti of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu with Nityananda, along with Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and his spiritual teacher Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura. A unique sort of Krishna Temples in India.

14. Arulmigu Rajagopalaswamy Temple | Tiruvarur | Tamil Nadu

Reckoned as the ‘Dakshina Dwarka’, Rajagopalaswamy temple is a prominent Vaishnava shrine in South India. This a must-visit for history lovers because of the temple structure. Within the temple complex, there are 16 gopurams (tower gateways), 7 prakarams (outer courtyard), 24 shrines, seven mandapams (halls) and nine sacred theerthams (temple tanks). Indian temples are truly architectural marvels.

15. Balkrishna Temple | Hampi | Karnataka

Krishna Temple in Hampi might be difficult to reach but its unique architecture is worth all effort. It is even enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The main deity of the temple is Lord Balakrishna (the infant form of Lord Krishna). The temple was made by King Krishnadevaraya of the Vijayanagara to commemorate his victory in the eastern reign of Udayagiri in 1513 AD. One of the most beautiful Krishna Temples in India.

These are some of the most beautiful and mesmerizing Krishna Temples in India. We cannot do justice with just these names as there are so many more temples that speak highly of what an amazing cultural heritage India has.

May Lord Krishna help you visit all these sites! Hare Krishna!

All images are taken from Wikimedia Commons
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