12 Best Arpit Bala Meme Templates Because He Is Too Funny!


We often see new meme faces like Puneet Superstar, or that Pakistani fan with a scowl on his face, or that Delhi saleswoman who got fame because of her loud ‘Just looking like a wow!’ statement. Well, a new face is ruling Instagram these days- Arpit Bala. Yup, he is a live-streamer and YouTuber whose live interactions have spread like wildfire everywhere. You could see his face on every other Instagram meme. His sarcastic style of speaking, his nonchalant attitude, and his eccentric ways have charmed the audiences and he has gone viral on IG! We have assembled some of the best Arpit Bala meme templates so that you can make your funny memes.


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1. When you enter a room and suddenly everyone goes quiet…

2. They rule IG by just being themselves!

3. Arpit Bala: Simply sitting and smiling

    Memers: Yas!

4. Arpit bhai ke saamne koi bol sakta hai kya…memes ke alwa?

5. When your crazy intrusive thoughts win and you show your true personality to the world!

6. Samjh gaye na?


7. Or hawww….but meme to banta hai ispe!

8. He and Punit Superstar should collaborate!

9. Well, I respectfully disagree…

10. When you were caught watching Jamnagar reels instead of studying for your exams…

11. And yeh phir se notty ho raha hai…

12. Best used for a sarcastic meme- trust me!

Some call his live-streaming cringe, others call it funny- but you can’t deny that his sarcasm makes you laugh on a bad day and make it a little better, right? Well, if you have any more meme templates to add to our compilation of Best Arpit Bala Meme Templates- share them in the comments.

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