41 Best ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Memes For A Quick Laugh

The 13th edition of the ICC ODI Men’s Cricket World Cup has ended recently and you know that all the excitement this tournament holds has finally ceased (Sad reality). The tournament happens every 4 years, so the fans can’t keep calm when the matches start (that is a given). But, what’s even more entertaining than the live commentaries are- the memes that update us with every funny event that took place in the Final match of India Vs Australia in the World Cup 2023. Have you read all the best ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 memes so far? Well, worry not, as we have compiled some of the funniest ones for you!

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All the more, India’s hard work will not go wasted because we Indians are strong-hearted and quick-witted!  So, the meme world is more excited than ever (can’t give up the chances of feeling good even after losing the finals, right?). So, without much delay, let’s check out the 41 best ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 memes so far.

1. Bas Kar Pagle ab Rulayega Kya!

2. Chahal knows one of them is attending the party!

3. New Zealand is the OG of the World Cup 2023- everyone beware!


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4. Keh diya na…bas Keh diya!

5. Swagat Nahi Karoge Hamara?

6. Apna Time Aayega!

7. When you make the impossible possible together!

8. A stumble is just a lesson…better performances are coming, right?

9. Waiting for their return…

10. World Cup Virat Aur Chase!

11. Zor ka Jhatka!

12. Kohli knows what he is doing…

13. He is still not satisfied after defeating the 5 times World Cup-winning team Australia!

14. Why waste time giving answers when you can take a quick nap?

15. He will not rest until the trophy is in his hands!

16. Pakistan shocked, India rocked!

17. Still a long way to go…

18. The urgent urge to skip going to the dressing room!

19. Ab maza aayega na bhidu!

20. Indians love watching any match played by Pakistan!

21. Abba ab bilkul nahi manenge…

22. The longest Monday for the whole nation…

23. Someone please stop cutting onions…

24. Mahi come back!

25. Title given to him by ICT: Panoti No. 1!

26. They knew what was coming…

27. Back to the ordinary life…

28. Rone ki bhi himmat nahi hai…

29. Ja beta ja…jee le apni zindagi!

30. Going for the World Cup every 4 years is getting monotonous for them…let us win then!

31. The prayers did not work…where is the script?

32. The place where you can hear the silence of many broken hearts…

33. Uber drivers ka bhi toh socho!

34. Aaj kaam main mann nahi lagega sir…

34. The biggest horror movie of the year…

35. I too am in denial right now…

36. Confuse ho gaye shayad…haina?

37. That’s the best revenge!

38. Itna bhi nahi serious hona that life main…

39. Switch off the TV brother…

40. Mujhe bhi bata dena please!

41. Let’s cheer the team that performed exceptionally well till the end!

This final may have ended on a bitter-sweet note but we Indians have hopes for the next World Cup too because…Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost! So, keep up the spirits and also tell us in the comments which ones from the above list of best ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 memes so far made you ROFL?

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