Teachers in UP’s Amroha film Insta reels in School, Forrce Students to Follow them, and share their Videos

Earning money and gaining fame through social media reels is a trend nowadays, but doing so while teaching a class full of students? It sounds a little strange, but that’s exactly what happened in Uttar Pradesh’s Amroha town!

In a rather bizarre incident that occurred in a local school in UP’s Amroha district, a few teachers who claimed to be dedicated to providing ‘quality’ education were instead found creating ‘quality’ reels while on school duty! Oh, and wait, the story is not over yet. These social media stars wanted to increase their followers, and guess what? Yup! They urged their students to follow, like, and share their reels. The students claimed that if they did not abide by their quirky rules, they might face a good scolding!

This news is as shocking as it is hilarious (Imagine students scolding their teachers for spending too much time on Instagram!). The students wanted to study, but the teachers were busy getting popular on Instagram. Luckily, the students’ cry for help was heard (maybe the reels weren’t that interesting!).

(Representative Image)

How was this ‘social media’ activity discovered?

Many students of the Amroha school talked to their parents about the teachers’ social media activities. In turn, the parents contacted the school authorities and informed them about these incidents. Could this school have been the real inspiration behind Varun Dhawan’s character in the movie Bawaal? I am just guessing.

Who were the Amroha teachers aspiring to become ‘Instagram influencers’ in just a day?

It is reported that the teachers identified as the ones pressuring the students to like and share their content were Poonam Singh, Neetu Kashyap, and Ambika Goyal. I don’t think they researched the topics well before trying to build a fan following!

The students even mentioned that the teachers sometimes asked them to cook, do dishes, and make tea for them (feeling royal much?). The teachers just forgot to teach the students how to get addicted to social media (perhaps that might have helped! – JK). I wonder how many followers these teachers have by now.

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