15 Best Chai Memes That Every Chai Lover Would Relate

Today is National Chai Day- and, well, every day is a national chai day in India, right? We all agree in unison. Chai or as the Westerners call it ‘Chai Tea’ holds a special place in not just our hearts. From cutting chai, adrak wali chai, masala chai, elaichi chai to kadak chai– everyone has their own style of chai that they prefer. But, what if we serve you funny and some of the best chai memes with your evening tea? Okay, let’s laugh and sip that chai along.

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Tea leaves may have been brought to India by Chinese travelers- but chai is our own delicacy (more like a sweet addiction!). Also, if you are the biggest chai fan, don’t forget to also make one or two memes of your own! And, by that time, read these 15 best chai memes, laugh, and also get ideas to show your love for chai today.

1. Those tears of happiness…

2. Pehle chai pooja peeja kaam dooja! (bad joke, I know, I know)

3. This is the best symbolic way for Indians to show that they always have space for chai in their stomach!

4. That soul-touching sip in the morning…

5. It is just…CHAI!

6. A law to ban such people is required? 

7. Wapis laut ke aaoge hi!

8. Bad joke! (but considerable because it is about chai)

9. Itni shiddat se tumhe paane ki koshish ki hai…

10. She only turns back for a cup of tea…

11. You too Brutus?

12. Best game to host for your Swayamwar!

13. When your ten-year-old is passionate about chai and tiktok…

14. Don’t talk with me from now on…

15. He Ma..Mataji!

Did you like these 15 best chai memes? So, we wish you a very happy National Chai Day- enjoy these memes with a cup of chai!

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