16 Best Carry Minati Meme Templates For Everyday Life Situations

When Carry Minati roasted Tik Tokers, it became one of the biggest trending topics on social media and twitter with several people joining the debate. It was also one of the most like non-musical video on YouTube before it was taken down by the platform. However, Carry Minati meme templates became an instant hit on social media with the release of the video.

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We bring you some of the best Carry Minati meme templates to describe news events and everyday life situations.

1. When a 10-Crore player in the IPL is out for a duck. 
Me: Saare paise barbaad bc

2. Me seeing Food Bloggers writing ‘Spicy Roasted & Fried Aubergine’ to describe Baingan Ka Bharta. Me: Or tum jab hagte ho toh indradhanush nikalta haina

3. When my best friend backstabs me.
Duniya Madarchod thi Madarchod Hai Or Madarchod Rahegi

4. Me after seeing Donald Trump for the first time
Katai Shakalaka Bum Bum vaali pencil lagte hai bhosdike

5. Me watching panelists screaming at each other on Prime Time news.
Me to Indian Media: Tabhi tumhari izzat nahi hai behenchod

6. Whenever I see someone has disabled Last Seen on WhatsApp
Bahut tez ho gaye ho

7. Whenever people start canceling their Goa trips in the last moment
Harami Manus, 2 din mein palat gaya

8. When I see my Junior showing interest in my office crush
Me to Junior:
Teri naukri khaa jaunga mein

9. Whenever my friend says that he is in a relationship
Aaya Haaye Behenchod

10. Reality Show Judges be Like.
Tum Star ban sakte ho

11. Whenever I beat my friend in Tees Patti who earlier claimed that he was the Champion
Har Vivek Oberoi ke liye ek Salman Khan jarur hota hai

12. Every girlfriend after 2 months of relationship
Girlfriend to Boyfriend:
Tere Shabd Aadal badal gaye hai

13. Me watching Modi Ji’s speech be like:
Ek cheez bol ke 4 cheez bata raha hai

14.Me to my besties whenever a hot girl joins the office:
Party mat badal dena

15. When my friend gets 7 pegs down: Itna sach kyun bol raha hai

16. 7 Year Old Me asking Mom to buy my favorite Toy: Mujhe Chaiye hi Chaiye

17. Me to my school-going younger brother when he asks me to give me Rs 200
Mithai ke dukaan pe leke jaunga, 200 mein bik jayega

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Which of these Carry Minati meme templates did you find the funniest?

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