15 Memes About 2020 – The Most Disappointing Year Of Our Lives!


The best memes about 2020 that sums up our feelings and disappointment with this year!

Mission 2020. Vision 2020. Goals to achieve till 2020. All of us had been hearing about the elusive year – 2020 for almost years. India hoped to become a global super power. United Nations hoped to achieve the goal of eradicating problems like hunger that has been plaguing mankind for centuries. All of us had grand plans for this iconic year. And then came the moment of Truth!

Lockdown. Pandemic. Deaths. Oil Prices in Minus. Global Economy Slowdown. Job Losses.
While the world had already witnessed economic slowdowns and tensions between political powers with the start of 2020, Corona virus brought the worst the world has seen in decades. Normal life halted for days across the globe due to lockdown to prevent the spread of the virus. The global economic crisis is the worst the world has seen in decades with pay-cuts and lay-offs around the world. The cases of Corona infections and deaths are rising by thousands each day and no anti-dote to this virus has been invented. And some say, the worst is yet to come!


While we pray that this year gets a little easy on humanity, we bring you 15 memes about 2020 that perfectly sums up this year so far!

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1. Every Game Of Thrones fan would agree to this! 

2. That’s Scary! 

3. 2020 is the worst year so far. Period.

4. The year seems to get worse and worse with each passing day

5. 2020 would be an year even the time travelers would like to skip

6. Let’s hope for better times during these bitter days 


7. Another one for GoT fans. All plans blown apart…

8. I regret everytime I told, “Apna Time Aayega” in 2019

9. All my plans have bit the dust just like Shilpa in Baazigar 

10. I was Happy and then came 1/1/2020 

11. I am trying to find all those horoscope writers who told me that 2020 would be a great year 

12. I pity everyone who wrote Wanderlust on their Instagram bios

14. Everytime I think about 2020 in the future, all that I would imagine would be people with Masks and shields

15. Me in 2019: I think I have seen everything
2020: You haven’t seen shit! 

And finally when we tell our grand kids stories of 2020…

I think all that we can do now is make memes about 2020, send them to friends and just hope that This too shall pass!

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