7 Most Awaited Hollywood Movies Released In April 2024


Hollywood is ready for its fresh summer releases- from biographical movies, to historical, and even teenage rom-coms- you have plenty of options to explore. After movies like Dune 2 and Kung Fu Panda 4- April is filled with even more exciting movies. So, without much delay, let’s scroll down and have a look at some of the most awaited  Hollywood movies released in April 2024.

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1. How To Date Billy Walsh | 05 April 2024

A teenage rom-com drama to fill your weekend with a good mood! The movie is about Amelia and Archie- who have been best buddies since childhood. However, Archie has developed feelings for Amelia for quite a long ago. But, before he can confess his feelings- he realizes that Amelia has fallen for the new charming exchange student named Billy Walsh. What’s more baffling is the fact that the more he tries to create distance between Amelia and Billy- the more they come closer to each other. So, who is gonna end up with whom at the end?

2. Monkey Man | 04 April 2024

A fast-paced action thriller that is not for the faint-hearted viewers! Monkey Man is the story of an unknown young man working at an underground flight club to make a living. However, his true intentions are to exact revenge on a corrupt and powerful leader who was involved in his mother’s death and is still murdering and torturing poor people who fall into their trap. Our dashing hero- Dev Patel has played the lead role- so, looks like a must-watch!

3. The First Omen | 05 April 2024

This movie is the prequel to the classic cult horror movie of 1976- The Omen. This movie revolves around a young American nun who starts working at a church in Rome. She discovers some disturbing facts about the place- the dark secret of some powerful people trying to bring the antichrist.

4. Civil War | 12 April 2024


It is a dystopian thriller about a time in the future when a second civil war has broken in America and the government ruling the country is no less than a dystopian dictator. Not just that, an extremist military group is also highly active in the US and is committing political violence everywhere. While everything is in chaos, a group of journalists are roaming across the country to bring awareness among people and save the country and its people from all the violence and injustices.

5. Rebel Moon Part 2 – The Scargiver | 19 April 2024

It is an action-adventure film directed by Jack Snyder that carries forward the story of the 2023 movie- Rebel Moon. This final installation will tell how Kora, the warrior woman, and her group of warriors are together ready to fight the Motherworld and save their galaxy. For all the fans of this sci-fi Netflix movie franchise- it is a must-watch!

6. Abigail | 19 April 2024

Were you waiting for a horror thriller to release in April? Well, then Abigail is here to scare you! The movie revolves around Abigail, a little ballerina and the daughter of a powerful underworld member- to take revenge on him. They take her away into an isolated mansion- what they don’t know is that Abigail is a tiny vampire who gets active at night- she is ready to hunt them down one by one!

7. Challengers | 26 April 2024

It is a sports drama with a pinch of romance sprinkled all over! The movie revolves around Art Donaldson, a Grand Slam tennis champion who has been on a losing trip for a long time. His wife, a tennis prodigy turned coach is sad to see her husband losing matches and hope. So, she forces him by using an unusual trick- asking him to win against her former lover in a challenge match!

If we are missing out on adding a movie to our list of Hollywood movies released in April 2024- do write to us in the comments. Happy Watching!

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