Watch the Viral Video of a Monkey Turning Files at the SDM Office in Saharanpur!

Monkeys have charmed us, helped us, and oftentimes created nuisance in our lives too. But have you ever seen a Monkey Babu working in a government office? You will see it now! A new and interesting government officer was seen turning the pages of a file in the SDM office of the Saharanpur area- and people are quite excited about him! Well, the new officer is none other than Monkey Raj who was captured in a viral video, carefully examining the content of a file in the Registry Department of Tehsil Behat, Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

Is the Monkey a Current Employee from a past life?

None of the above! But, what intrigued all the viewers as in the video the monkey looked unfazed and uninterested when some of the people present in the office offered him a banana to eat- he really wanted to check the files for any errors!

Monkey Officer was not a Tehsil Officer?

The viral video that is making rounds on social media is said to be of Tehsil Behat. However, it is said that SDM Deepak Kumar informed about the video not captured inside their Tehsil office but somewhere else. Well, wherever this video was shot- it looks like the monkey is a regular visitor as the people in the office looked unsurprised and kept working despite the interruption of ‘Vaanar Raj’.

Whatever the case may be, this monkey is seriously giving us lessons to work hard and stay focused on work even if someone offers a banana to eat! My Monday blues are already gone after looking at this video! You too have a look at this video:

The comments on the post were even more interesting, have a look at some of them:

1. Yup, I tell you…the past life connection is strong.

2. He will find it soon…he seems extremely focused.

3. It is time for him to take over!

What are your comments on this monkey and his hilarious ‘file-flipping style’? Tell us in the comments section!

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