15 Best Memes and Tweets on Tomato Prices To Ease The Pain!

There have been times in the past decade when potato and onion prices have skyrocketed in our country, leading to a series of memes and laughter. However, this time, the tomato has taken the baton to lead the meme fest! With tomato prices touching 80-140 rupees per kilogram all over India due to untimely heavy rains and rising diesel prices, ordinary people are finding it difficult to maintain their monthly household budget. While people try to come to terms with the dramatic rise in tomato prices, netizens have found a topic to create memes and make this dent in our pockets a little less noticeable! On that note, let’s take a look at some of the best memes and tweets on tomato prices.

1. Even Shantipriya is worried about tomatoes and their skyrocketing prices!

2. If you can catch it, inform me too!

3. Maybe they will reduce the price weightage on the moon…

4. Tomato might even give competition to gold soon enough (let’s hope not)!

5. Subah se Na Bika hai na hi aadha tamatar…

6. Tomato is the OG vegetable right now.

7. Apply for a Z security if you are on the ‘tomato buying’ mission: it could be risky!

8. Well, aren’t we all flabbergasted?

9. Buy a locker before buying tomatoes, or find a hiding place for them!

10. Mourning over the loss of tomatoes who used to be like a part of our household…

11. It would be interesting to watch a tomato heist, though.

12. Zomato worried about Tomato!

13. The secret is out!

14. He is in no mood to bargain over the prices…

15. Take the risk of buying crypto but don’t take the risk of buying tomato and storing it for a few days…

No matter what may befall us, memes have a way of helping us destress, don’t you agree? Tell us which meme made you ROFL in the comments. Meanwhile, we are busy calculating how many bucks are still left after buying tomatoes!

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