15 Hilarious Memes & Tweets on the Launch of ‘Threads’ By Meta

Mark Zuckerberg has just announced a competitor app called ‘Threads’ to compete against Twitter, and not just for the US audiences, but our Desi Twitterati can’t keep calm either! Ever since the announcement of the Threads app, people have been curious about who will win this competition. The new app, Threads, is built by the team that works on Instagram and has a similar interface to Twitter, with a character limit of 900 for post sharing. It was launched on Wednesday and is considered a threat by many to the reign of our beloved blue bird, Twitter (and also to Elon Musk!). While all this is happening in the tech world, people everywhere are going crazy and creating hilarious memes about this newfound topic. Here are the 15 hilarious memes and tweets on the launch of Threads By Meta.

1. Is Everyone rushing to join Threads?

2. Threads sure looks similar to some other app, now which one was it?

3. Where to go?

4. Threads seem to be gaining momentum- should we thank Mark Zuckerburg or Elon Musk?

5. Keep the requests coming!

6. Threads getting shared on Twitter is just another level of promotion!

7. Threads and Twitter are so compatible!

8. When you use 100% of your brain to copy!

9. To be or not to be on Threads!

10. Twitter is the OG platform, right?

11. It is an exchange program!

12. When you want a new toy to play with…

13. When Mark Zuckerburg Tweets after 11 years, it looks like this…

14. Copy-pasting the assignment!

15. This is a creative war!

Two million subscribers within two hours of launch is not a laughing matter. But many are siding with Elon Musk and preferring their old companion over ten newly launched app Threads. What is your choice of app in this Twitter vs Threads match? Tell us in the comments!

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