Big Eyes Coin Ready To Take Over Nexo and Avalanche

Cryptocurrency is taking a toll on the mainstream market. Traders now prefer investing in digital currencies over traditional assets. They offer higher returns and can be used in everyday transactions as well. Also, Cryptocurrency has the potential to maintain economic stability as they are unregulated. Many people use Bitcoin Pro when it comes to digital currency. Being in the decentralization form and without any regulation, digital currencies are a great investment option. 

Digital currencies have many benefits over conventional methods. The transactions are faster, more efficient, and maintain privacy. There are innumerable coins in the Crypto industry that you can buy. But among all these coins, there are some high-potential coins like Avalanche, Nexo, and Big Eyes. You can add these coins to diversify your portfolio and earn a decent gain as well. 

Performance of Avalanche In The Crypto World

Avalanche is a top-performing Crypto at present. It is a secure, efficient, and fastest Blockchain network. Due to its efficiency, developers quite often use it rather than Ethereum. It can process around 4,500 transactions in a second. 

With the help of many smart contracts, it powers DApps to run on Avalanche’s network. It is even better than Bitcoin in terms of validating transactions. The network uses a consensus method called Proof-of-Stake which is environment friendly. Also, it is better than Bitcoin’s method. 

To have the access to execute validator notes, the holders of this coin maintain a limit in selling or transferring AVAX. Also, these holders have certain rights on the network. They have voting power on different aspects like the structure of transaction charges, incentives for participation, coin generation, and others. 

At present, the market value of this Crypto is around 5 billion USD. It holds its place in the top 20 valued tokens on the report of CoinMarketCap. And, with the rise in holders of the token, the price of Avalanche may soon rise! 

Nexo’s Performance

It is a DeFi platform and it offers different types of services. You can borrow, trade, apply for loans, or even exchange your Crypto assets on Nexo. And, with the help of NEXO, which is the platform’s native token, you can earn incentives and rewards. 

The network has over 4 million users and they can avail of all these benefits. Since the day it originated, the network has offered around 80 billion USD in loans. You can also use the Token as collateral to borrow cash or stablecoin. You can avail of up to 2 million USD of loans and that too, without any charges. 

Though the rates of the token are falling after the massive price drop in the market, it has not lost its potential. 

Big Eyes Turns Out A Tough Competition 

This is a fresh release in the market and this meme coin is not going to be down soon. At present, it is in its presale stage. This Altcoin has huge growth potential and similar features to many top-performing Altcoins of the Crypto industry. 

It is a cat-themed and NFT-capable Cryptocurrency, that is sure to offer many benefits to the space of meme coins. It will provide a unique NFT collection that can hold the top ten positions in the Cryptocurrency world. If you hold NFT on this platform, you will be able to participate in many events. Also, you can earn some top NFT-based products here. 

The network will follow the PoS consensus of Ethereum. The transactions will be faster, more efficient, and low-cost in comparison to others. Also, the best part is that it is taking a step forward to save the oceans! The network will donate a part of its profits to the conservation groups that work for oceans. 


Keeping in view the current market condition, these 3 Cryptos are considered to be best for long-term investments. Each of these coins has its unique features and is working for the environment. 

But, in the case of Big Eyes, it is still in its presale stage. The price of these tokens is low and if we consider this, then Big Eyes has more chances of offering high returns. After having a clear idea of your requirements, you can buy this token as well. 

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