10 Simple Brain Exercises That Would Make You Smarter

One of the most amazing things in the universe is the Human Brain. So small and yet full of imagination, thoughts, and power that can transform the world and reach the depths of the universe. You might be indulging in physical training and exercises for your body every day but what about your brain?

Did you know that your brain needs some exercises too? You could sharpen your mind, boost your intelligence and explore a whole new world of possibilities with some simple and easy to do brain exercises?

So here you go with a list of such brain exercises. Read On…

1. I’m sure everyone uses their dominant hand while brushing 

2. Our brain alerts us even if our eyes are closed

3. You can puzzle your brain with everyday objects

4. Scents like citrus keep our brain alert and fresh 

5. Opening the car window can strengthen our brain to recognize things 

6. You can do this to activate your brain

7. Always carefully check the items at the supermarket

8. Being sociable develops our brain

9. Maybe you could switch seats once in a while with your family

10. Reading in different ways activates different parts of the brain 

With our monotonous lives, these simple things could be practiced by us to surprise our brain and make it more alert and active. But the most important tip to keep your brains fresh is to get enough sleep.

Do you have a favorite Brain exercise you practice? Do tell us in the comments below

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