The ill Effects Of Smoking – Why the last Cigarette you smoked should be your last?

Smoking is neither glamorous nor cool besides being unfriendly to your health, pocket, and lifestyle. And smoking marijuana has negative effects on your health, including hair loss.


Here are the reasons why you should never smoke again.

Quit for your life

Tobacco is one of the major causes of preventable deaths across the world. More than 4500 chemicals are found in a puff of tobacco smoke, including more than 40 known carcinogens. Smoking may lead to a number of fatal diseases which include heart ailments, lung cancer, and fatal bronchitis. 1 death occurs every 8 seconds in the world that is due to smoking. Do you still need a reason to quit smoking?

Quit for your health

Smokers are more likely to develop heart diseases, lung cancer, and cardiac strokes. Smoking results in the narrowing of your arteries that reduces the supply of oxygen-rich blood to your brain. This could also result in paralysis, loss of speech, headaches, mood swings, and panic attacks. Smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer and can also lead to cancer in any part of your body.

Quit for your lifestyle

One of the most common misconceptions about smoking is that it helps relieve stress. Smoking actually increases stress, tension, and anxiety. Nicotine creates an immediate sense of relaxation, however; scientific studies show that it is only a temporary cure for stress. Research suggests that smokers have higher levels of stress than non-smokers. Besides, smokers have been reported to feel unrested after a night’s sleep.

Quit for your partner 

Smoking affects the sexual health of both men and women adversely. Men who smoke are likely to experience erectile dysfunction amongst other sexual disorders. Women who do not smoke have better orgasms and get aroused more easily. The risk increases with the number of cigarettes smoked. It is also much easier for non-smokers to get pregnant and conceive than those who smoke.

Quit for your looks

Often, people start Smoking because they find it ‘cool’. But smoking is not cool for your looks. Excessive smoking results in premature ageing, early appearance of wrinkles, and slow healing of skin wounds. There is also a likelihood of staining of your skin with tars and toxins in tobacco smoke. Besides, stopping to smoke will also help you have fresher breath, better oral health, and stop staining of your teeth. Besides, your clothes and hair will always smell better after you quit smoking.

Quit for your pocket

A cigarette stick costs about 10 bucks in India. Multiply this by the average number of cigarettes you smoke a day and then calculate the total amount you burn every month and every year from smoking. Now just think of the things you could do with the money you could have saved by quitting cigarettes. Quite introspecting, isn’t it?

Quit for your friends and Family

Smoking not only affects your health, but also the health of those around you. An estimated 50,000 deaths occur every year due to passive smoking. Second-hand smoke increases the risk of lung cancer, heart diseases, and strokes. The health risks are even greater in children exposed to passive smoking.

Quit to test your willpower

Starting to smoke is quite easy, but quitting ain’t that easy! You need very strong determination to keep yourself away from cigarettes once you get addicted to it. So, quitting cigarettes is a test of your willpower!

Quit for things you always loved to do

Playing your favorite sport or going for the much-awaited adventurous trek might never be the same if you don’t quit smoking. Smoking reduces your lung capacity, thereby affecting your ability to indulge in physical activities. This may not be noticeable in the 20s and 30s until you try doing an intense physical activity. However, continued smoking will result in a diminished ability to do something as simple as climbing the stairs.

There’s a much happier and healthier life awaiting you beyond the world of cigarette and tobacco smoke. Never start if you do not smoke and if you do, make sure that the last cigarette you had is your last!


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