Top 10 International Destinations For A Dream Bachelorette Trip

It is every girl’s dream growing up to have a fairy-tale wedding. But planning one can be a real pain. Fortunately, amidst all the chaos of blocking a venue and getting a caterer, the bride-to-be can find some respite in a bachelorette trip with her girlfriends. Most young women also see it as an opportunity to let loose with their squad before they settle into marital bliss. While Goa is an obvious choice for a destination bachelorette trip, why not set sails to a foreign land for a trip of a lifetime with your girls?

We list down top 10 international destinations you ladies can head to with your gang for a fun-filled bachelorette!

Dance the night away in Dubai

There is a reason why we Indians love Dubai. It isn’t very far, easy on the pocket and has lots to offer! Book your tickets early, and spend that extra cash on a fancy room upgrade and a chauffeur-driven limousine. Once you are there, head to the malls to shop till you drop, dine at one of the many Michelin star restaurants and then party the night away in sky-high nightclubs. And when you are tired, take a desert safari and spend the night under the sun with your friends.

Image Source: Catalin Marin (Flickr)

Make merry in Mexico

Ok, so Mexico is a tiny bit far (maybe a lot) but it is totally worth the trip. The culturally diverse country is every tourist’s paradise. Our particular favorite there is Los Cabos, a favorite among Bollywood and Hollywood celebs alike, and for all the right reasons. Spend your days sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking, whale watching, and surfing. Or just laze on the beach sipping on margaritas and soaking in the sun.

Image Source: Bertrand P (Flickr)

Live it up in Vegas

Vegas isn’t only for the boys and we can vouch for that. Ladies also enjoy gambling just as much, after all. And even if you don’t, there is plenty to do in Vegas. The sin city will have you enchanted, with countless spas, shopping strips, and clubs. Begin your day with a leisurely brunch, head to the strip for some retail therapy, afternoon getting pedicures and spend the night at one of Vegas’ many upscale clubs, dancing the night away.

Image: Jay Milty (Flickr) 

Binge on fun in Bangkok

A fun-filled international bachelorette doesn’t have to cost a fortune and Bangkok is a shining example. Spend the day basking in the sights and attractions of the city and then indulge in the world’s most satisfying (and thrifty) shopping spree at the local markets. And when it’s all done, awaiting you are delicious cocktails and finger licking grub at the city’s many clubs.

Image Source: Weerakarn Satitniramai (Flickr) 

Enjoy the tropics in Puerto Rico

If partying isn’t exactly what you enjoy, then why not immerse yourself in the Caribbean and its many tropical paradises? Leave your busy city life behind, kick back and relax, ‘cause Puerto Rico is truly a dream beach holiday! Spend your last days of singlehood in the sun, drinking champagne and dancing on the beach with your girls. Looking for a bit of thrill? Head to Toro Verde Nature Park and go zip lining!

Image Source: Sandra Whiteway (Flickr) 

Go mad in Macau

So not everyone can afford a trip to Vegas. But Macau is close enough and a lot cheaper. The ‘Vegas of the East’ has it all – nightclubs, casinos and more. Try your luck at some poker and roulette at The Venetian or just book an appointment at one of the many luxurious spas for a body & soul pampering massage. And when you are done, throw on your heels and head to a swanky bar for some cocktails and conversation.

Image Source: steadfast1898 (Flickr)

Indulge in a rendezvous with the amazing Amsterdam

Amsterdam needs no introduction. A favorite among globetrotters, the Dutch capital has lots to keep you busy besides bikes, canals, and museums. Immerse yourself in art, take a boat ride in the city’s canals or just chill at one of its many breweries. Feeling a little adventurous? Let’s just say Amsterdam won’t leave you “high” and dry!

Image Source: Crash Test Mike (Flickr)

Sashay in Singapore

Another great budget option on our list, Singapore is for all the ladies who enjoy a cosmopolitan vibe. A global city, Singapore is abuzz with a nightlife that can give some of the biggest cities worldwide a run for their money. Heard of the Singapore Sling? Well, the cocktail is named after the city so you can imagine how good it is. For foodies, Clarke Quay has the best cuisines from around the world for you to devour. Bon appétit!

Image Source: Anthony Kernich (Flickr)

Go tranquil in magnificent Male

Want a beach holiday like no other with the ladies? Head to the Maldives! More like a home away from home, Maldives is teeming with Indians and yet has a marked international vibe. A tropical vacation that will delight you and your gang, Male has sun, sand, and sangrias to keep your spirits sunny and high.

Image Source: Petr Melnikov (Flickr)

Live it up in London

Finally, why not cure your colonial hangover and get a taste of the real Britain with the ladies in London? Once you are checked in and already, head out for an afternoon tea with the girls atop the London bus as you tour the city’s many sights. Later, go shopping for some luxury at Harrods. Feeling cultural? Enjoy some brilliant open-air theatre in Shakespeare’s Globe. End the night taking in the splendor of the city over a glass of wine from one of London’s many elegant rooftop bars.

Image Source: jean-paul-mission (Flickr)

Bet you and your lady friends are inspired by this list of enticing international bachelorette trip destinations. Better start planning right away! 

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