20 Most Amazing and Largest Shopping Malls in India

Shopping malls have made shopping so much easier, but they have also become a place for socializing and relaxation. It’s the go-to spot for a group of friends who haven’t seen each other in a long time, families looking for a simple lunch or a fancy dinner, and lovers looking to unwind inside a coffee shop and just talk. Here are the 20 most amazing and largest shopping malls in India. These malls also serve as multi-purpose recreation areas. Watching movies, discovering and trying new foods, reading books, drinking alcohol or coffee, and shopping for clothes and other accessories are all options. Even if you don’t want to buy anything because you have a limited budget, you can still walk around and window shop, as well as sit and do other things. There are also play areas for children and sleeping or rest lounges for people who want to take a break and rest before continuing on with their shopping and socializing. Let us know about these amazing and largest shopping malls in India:


1. LuLu International Shopping Mall

This shopping mall is located in Kochi. It covers an area of 2,500,000 square feet. Lulu International has over 215 outlets, which include food courts, restaurants, family entertainment zones, an ice skating rink, and a bowling alley. It also has a PVR Cinemas Multiplex, which can show up to 9 movies at once. Aside from that, they have a large parking lot that can accommodate over 3500 vehicles.

Lulu international

Source: Wikimedia commons

2. VR Chennai Shopping Mall

VR Chennai Shopping Mall, Chennai’s largest mall, opened to the public in 2018. The mall features a multi-colored traditional gopuram, a Dashavatara-themed PVR Cinemas multiplex, and 240 retail stores.

VR mall

Source: Wikimedia commons

3. DLF Mall

DLF Mall is one of India’s most popular malls due to its 330 brands, 100 fashion brands, 75 food and beverage options, and numerous entertainment options. It is built on a 2,000,000 Sqft plot of land in Noida.

Dlf mall

Source: Wikimedia commons

4. Sarath City Capital Mall

Sarath City Capital Mall is one of the most iconic shopping destinations in Hyderabad. It is located in the city’s heart and has a total area of 1,931,000 sq ft, making it the largest mall in Hyderabad.

Sarath city capital

Source: Mouth shut

5. Infiniti Mall

This mall is located in Mumbai’s affluent neighborhoods of Malad and Andheri. This mall in Malad has 36 food outlets in the food court, including cafes and restaurants. This mall, however, has 65 stores, a six-screen multiplex, food courts, and a family entertainment section in Andheri. It covers an area of 850,000 square feet.

Infiniti mall

Source: Wikimedia commons

6. Forum Fiza Mall

This mall has a variety of amenities such as shopping, dining, entertainment, and leisure activities. It also includes showrooms for national and international brands and is located in Mangalore on a large plot of land measuring 686,892 square feet.

Fiza mall

Source: Wikipedia

7. Elante shopping mall

Elante shopping mall is located in Chandigarh and has a total area of 1,150,000 square feet. It is one of the largest shopping malls in Northern India and the seventh-largest in India by total area, with restaurants, food joints, and children’s entertainment.

Elante mall

Source: Wikipedia

8. Neptune Magnet Mall

Neptune Magnet Mall in Bhandup, Mumbai, is currently the largest shopping mall in Mumbai in terms of total area with 1,056,000 sq ft and an international standard shopping center in the city with international multiplex in Cinepolis.

Neptune magnet mall

Source: mall’s market

9. Express Avenue

Express Avenue is a mix of shopping, business, and entertainment. It also has a three-level basement parking space for over 1,500 cars, as well as bike parking areas. This mall is located within the city of Chennai. As a result, people can easily visit the Mall. It covers an area of 900,000 square feet.

Source:  Flickr

10. Select Citywalk

With over 180 locations, Over 500 major Indian and international brands are represented at Citywalk Mall. It covers an area of 85,000 square feet and is located in India’s capital, Delhi. Because of high traffic, this mall sometimes stays open past 12 p.m., especially during a festival.

Source: Wikimedia commons

11. Esplanade One

Esplanade One in Bhubaneswar is the largest shopping mall in Odisha, with a total area of 1,000,000 sq ft spread across ten floors and more than 200 retail outlets.

Source: Wikimedia commons

12. Prozone Mall

This is the only mall that has been designed horizontally. It is situated in Aurangabad and covers an area of 680,189 sq. ft. Prozone Mall houses retail outlets for both domestic and international brands. Surprisingly, a large number of buyers connect with Prozone Mall because of the welcoming atmosphere. It is home to an Inox Cineplex with 5 screens.

Prozone mall

Source: Wikimedia commons

13. South City Mall

If you are a regular and frequent visitor to the Mall, you will be able to sense the Mall’s magnetic and positive vibes. The mall features a six-screen INOX multiplex with comfortable seats and a calm atmosphere. There is enough parking for 2,500 vehicles. It has restaurants similar to those found in Mainland China. This mall is located in a 650,000 square foot area of Kolkata.

Source: Wikimedia commons

14. Hilite Mall

Hilite Mall in Kozhikode is the second-largest shopping mall in Kerala, with a total area of 1.5 million square feet. It was built as part of the HiLITE City by HiLITE Builders, and it houses a multiplex, a hypermarket, and branded retail outlets.

Source: Wikimedia commons

15. Sujana

Sujana is India’s most happening mall, with a PVR Cinemas 9-screen multiplex offering customers the most comfortable seats and facilities. You must visit Sujana to enjoy its ambiance as well as the monthly event. It is located in Kukatpally, Hyderabad, and covers an area of 820,000 square feet.

sujana mall

Source: Wikimedia commons

16. Mantri Square

The Mantri Square Mall, located in Malleswaram, Bangalore, is a pricey hypermarket that spans 9,000 square feet. It features a six-screen INOX multiplex. The dining area at this mall is 100,000 square feet in size, with 39 food and beverage outlets, which makes it appealing and unique.



Source: Flickr

17. The Fun Republic

This luxurious mall is located in three Indian states: Lucknow, Mumbai, and Coimbatore, and it spans a large area of 970,000 square feet. When you walk into the mall, you’ll notice retail stores, cinema halls, food courts, a gaming zone, and a 60-room boutique hotel. Furthermore, visitors appreciate being able to find and purchase a diverse range of national and international products on the same platform.

fun republic

Source: Wikimedia commons

18. Magneto the Mall

This Mall has an international ambiance and is located in Raipur. It has a total area of 795,000 Sq.ft. Enjoy the atmosphere with your loved ones, which includes fashion shops, game zones, 4D movie theatres, and business class entertainment.

 Magneto mall

Source: Techture

19. The Great India Place

This mall is located in Noida and has an area of approximately 850,000 square feet. Entertainment City Ltd. is responsible for the upkeep of this mall. Great India Place is home to a six-screen Big Cinemas multiplex with a total seating capacity of 1220 people.


Source: Wikimedia commons

20. Phoenix Market City

Phoenix Market City is Pune’s largest mall, spanning 3.4 million square feet. There is a retail zone, a food court, and fine dining restaurants. It also has a PVR Cinema with nine screens.


Source: Wikipedia

Shopping Malls have everything you need to escape the chaos, from gaming zones to the movies. So now you know about the 20 most amazing and largest shopping malls in India, which one would you like to visit?

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