12 Most Famous Detective Novels That Are Mindboggling


Detective fiction is one of the most popular genres among readers and non-readers alike. The first known fictional detective ‘C. Auguste Dupin’ was created by Edgar Allan Poe. Then, obviously, we have the two most famous detectives in literature, Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot, the OGs, and the popular fictional detectives such as the Hardy Boys, Feluda, Nancy Drew, etc. What is it about detective novels that makes them so addictive? Is it the thrill, the intelligence, the mystery, or the mind boggling crimes? To be honest, it is a mixture of it all. Let’s have a look at some of the most famous detective novels of all time!

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1. Murder On The Orient Express

Mostly, you figure out who the murderer is or at least get some clue about it after you have read at least half of the novel. But not with this one. Hercule Poirot simply wants a holiday, but crime doesn’t stop and in no time he finds himself investigating a murder mystery on a train. With the murderer on board and also a world-class detective, this novel is too damn gripping! And oh the ending!

2. A Study in Scarlet

A Study in Scarlet is Arthur Conan Doyle’s first-ever Sherlock Holmes novel. A blessing to the world! It is a brilliant insight into the world of the most popular detective in the world through the eyes of Dr. Watson. As Sherlock investigates a murder surrounded by words written with blood on the wall and a love drama, the readers are immersed in a world that they never want to get out of.

3. The Moonstone

Rachel Virender inherits a valuable moonstone from her uncle who was a corrupt British officer serving in India. With Indian priests and several other elements looking for a chance to obtain the moonstone for themselves, will the 18-year-old Rachel be able to keep it safe? Read the novel to know. (Psst, of course, it gets stolen. Duh!)

4. The Cuckoo’s Calling

Robert Galbraith is the pseudonym of our favourite author J. K. Rowling. Since she was already known and loved for the Harry Potter novels, she was skeptical about the reception of other genres, hence, the pseudonym. This book is an unputdownable first installment of the famous Cormoran Strike series of detective novels.

5. The Complete Adventures of Feluda

Satyajit Ray’s Feluda series is a masterpiece of detective fiction. This well-known filmmaker is an even better writer, if you haven’t come across his works till now then you definitely need to check those out. The adventures of Feluda or Pradosh C. Mitter, his cousin Topshe and the crime writer Jayatu (this trio, I tell you!) are good enough to give competition to the likes of Holmes and Watson. This isn’t an overstatement, trust me.

6. The Big Sleep

This is hands down the best detective novel ever! You’ll simply fall in love with Philip Marlowe, the detective in this novel. Set in Los Angeles, the story follows a complex and intriguing plot and has enough surprises to keep you hooked.


7. Silence of The Lambs

Dear detective, how to get into the psyche of a serial killer? Ask another serial killer, preferably a cannibal. That’s the plot of this novel, so to say. And dare I speak about the scariest fictional serial killer who can give you nightmares for months- Hannibal Lecter! Read the novel for the thrill, end up with shivering hands.

8. The Poisoned Chocolate Case

This isn’t your regular detective novel where a single hero-like detective goes around the city solving mysteries. Here, a group of armchair detectives solves a case by speculating various scenarios and forming theories about a particular murder case that even the Scotland Yard has been unsuccessful in solving. This is one brilliantly written piece of detective fiction.

9. Hardy Boys series

Who doesn’t love the Hardy Boys novels? Two brothers in their teens, Frank and Joe Hardy, solve crimes that even adults couldn’t solve. This highly interesting series of novels is a treat for children and adults alike. That’s what makes the series so popular.

10. The Murder at the Vicarage

Okay, we included a Poirot novel on this list. But what about Miss Marple? After all, she is the greatest fictional detective ever created! This novel is the first among the 12 Miss Marple novels written by Agatha Christie. You’ll surely fall in love with this one.

11. The Hound of the Baskervilles

If this isn’t one of the most interesting reads ever then I don’t know what is! Holmes is at his best as he solves a crime that at first glance seems supernatural but as we know, things are not always what they seem to be. The book keeps getting better and better with each passing page.

12. Bleak House

In what is considered one of the best works of Charles Dickens, a detective named Inspector Bucket shines brighter than any other character. The novel focuses on a highly complex and intriguing case of inheritance of ‘Jarndyce and Jarndyce’. Suffused with unusual humour and a vivid portrayal of Victorian society, this novel is a masterpiece.

And, we are done. Which of these most famous detective novels are you going to read next? Do let us know in the comments section. Happy reading!

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