UP Man Steals a Bullet & Rs 1.9 Lakh Cash to Ride With His Wife to Manali for Honeymoon

In yet another absolutely bizarre story coming out of the Hindi heartland of Uttar Pradesh, a husband named Hashim took matters into his own hands to fulfill his promise of taking his wife on a dream honeymoon to a hill station. Facing a lack of funds, Hashim from Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh resorted to carrying out not one, but two thefts – a Royal Enfield bullet motorcycle and Rs 1.90 Cash to finance their romantic escapade to Manali. However, his adventures took an unexpected turn when the long arm of the law caught up with him upon their return.

It all began when Hashim, a man deeply committed to keeping his promises, found himself in a tight spot. Having promised his beloved wife a honeymoon in a picturesque hill station before tying the knot, he realized he didn’t have the necessary funds to make his dream come true. Determined to stick to his word, Hashim embarked on a series of daring heists.

His first target was a Royal Enfield Motorcycle – the perfect machine to take the couple to the picturesque roads of Manali from Moradabad. Hashim’s next bold move involved relieving a medical representative of a staggering amount of 1.90 lakhs in cash. With this newfound wealth, he could now afford his dream honeymoon experience.

True to his intentions, Hashim whisked his wife away on the stolen motorcycle to the scenic hill station of Manali. As they indulged in breathtaking landscapes, cozy hotels, and adventurous activities, the couple reveled in the romance of their stolen getaway. Little did they know that their illicit escapade would be short-lived.

source: wikimedia/representative image

Back in Moradabad, the police launched a full-scale investigation into the stolen motorcycle and the missing cash. Scrutinizing CCTV footage, they connected the dots and identified Hashim as the prime suspect. Upon their return to Moradabad, Hashim found himself face-to-face with the police, who had pieced together the evidence and were ready to make an arrest. The honeymoon had come to an end, and the couple’s memories would forever be tinged with the bittersweet taste of a criminal adventure.

Hashim’s actions can only be described as a rollercoaster ride of comedy and audacity. While we don’t encourage or endorse criminal activities in any form, we can’t help but appreciate the sheer determination and creativity exhibited by this passionate husband.

Let us hope that future honeymooners find legal and more conventional means to create memories that will last a lifetime.

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