21 Interesting Facts About Tripura

All good things come in small packages so does, Tripura. Despite being among the smallest states of India, this place is full of the mystic charms of the hills, the tales of hinterlands, the hunters and quintessential Indian-ness. Let us unravel some of the unknown and interesting facts about Tripura.

1. One highway to connect them all!


2. Major rice producer


3. What existed before?


4. Ancient stone carvings of deities


5. Floating grand palace


6. It’s free to go to school


7. Home to music legends


8. The poorest CM of the country


9. The 500-year-old temple of Tripura


10. Epitome of architectural brilliance


11. This museum showcases heritage of Northeaster Indians


12. The fascinating tribal culture


13. Revered temples around Ujjayanta Palace


14. Home to a massive wildlife sanctuary


15. Saying no to gender gaps


16. The ancient architectural site of Jolaibari


17. Story laced rock carvings at Chambimura


18. Temple of not one or two, but fourteen deities


19. How this state connects to Rabindranath Tagore?


20. Who saved the Bengali culture and language in Tripura?


21. The lustrous Buddha idol of Pecharthal


Despite its small size, Tripura doesn’t lag behind when it comes to the interesting quotient of Indian states. This fascinating region is home to an ancient tribal culture and magnificent temples. Who wouldn’t wanna go to a place like this to have a fantastic experience.


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