14 Interesting Facts about Chandrayaan-3


Chandrayaan-3, India’s most recent lunar exploration by ISRO has been in the news since the day it was launched.  The fascinating part about this mission is people have been interested in all the updates since the day of its launch. Live Updates of the mission are being telecasted on important news channels. Something like this was never expected before. This mission has created several historic feats and is a landmark moment in India’s space program. We can say that the new India has new interests and they wanna know all the facts about Chandrayaan-3

The first Lunar mission Chandrayaan-1 was launched in the year 2008 which was a successful mission. It discovered water on the moon and brought many other vital information. The second Lunar mission was carried out in 2019 which was successful as an orbital mission as the probe entered the moon’s orbit but the lander was lost while trying to land on the moon’s surface. The third and the most successful mission Chandrayaan-3 was launched on 14 July 2023 at 9:05:17 UTC and successfully landed on the moon’s south pole surface on August 23, 2023.

Let us look at some interesting facts about Chandrayaan-3:

1. A proud moment for all Indians as we become the first country to land on the south pole of the moon. A feat no other country could achieve till now. In fact, the US and Russia are still preparing to launch a probe on the moon’s southern surface.

2. The launch of Chandrayaan-3 took place on 14 July 2023, at 2:35 pm IST.

3. Since Chandrayan-3 was launched by the orbital maneuver technique, keeping in mind the time when the moon will be closest to Earth, the launch date was decided.

4. After Russia, the US, and China, India finally is the fourth country to land on the moon!

5. Since the first two missions confirmed the presence of water on the moon, Chandrayaan-3 will discover more on the same.

6. First flag of any country on the south pole of the moon as no other country reached the southern part before.

7. The mission was designed to combat 100 percent failures. A failure-based design makes sure that the mission is actually successful.


8. Chandrayaan-3 is on a mission to find out more about the moon and its environment.

9. The fact that just like MOM, even in the Chandrayaan mission the priority was not just landing on the moon’s surface but more on gathering information on the south pole of the moon.

10. Chandrayaan-3 successfully landed on the moon’s surface and can easily send data regarding the same.

11. ISRO’s team efforts are commendable!

12. This was actually less than Interstellar, the Hollywood movie. Even Elon Musk was amazed by it!

13. We wish Chandrayaan-3 all the success in its future days!

14. Chandrayaan-3 Live Stream broke Spanish streamer Ibai’s World Record of 3.4 million viewers.

These were some of the interesting facts about Chandrayaan-3. As India celebrates the success of Chandrayaan -3, ISRO gears up for two other ambitious missions. The first mission – Aditya L1 is going to be the first space-based Indian mission to study the Sun and is expected to be launched in the month of September this year (2023). The second mission – Ganganyaan is ISRO’s first manned spaceflight that aims to launch a crew of 3 members to an orbit of 400 km for 3 days mission and bring them back to earth, by landing in Indian sea waters.

As this is a moment of pride for all of us, the credit goes to ISRO for giving us this day. Our scientists at ISRO have proved their capabilities time and again and we bow down to these great minds. A great day for the whole nation!


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