17 Interesting Facts About Amazing Assam


Assam is India’s gateway to the east. It is the perfect get-away destination to break from hectic, mundane and chaotic city life. The rich cultural heritage, exotic wildlife, aromatic tea gardens and temples of ancient times enchant the senses and dawn upon us a tranquil that rejuvenates the body, mind and the soul.

Let us look at some of the lesser-known facts about amazing Assam.

1. The barter fair!

Jonbeel Mela


2. Weavers everywhere!

Sualkuchi Village


3. The smooth golden silk

Muga Silk


4. World’s largest and the smallest!

Majuri River Island


5. The longest rule in Indian history

Ahom Dynasty


6. The unbeatable

Ahom Dynasty


7. The hub of religions



8. A story behind every temple

Kamakhya Temple


9. The first of Asia

Oil well at Digboi


10. Heavily bordered!

Heavily borderd


11. Brings together many lands

Siliguri Corridor


12. Home of rhinos

Home of Rhinos


13. The decorated festivities of Assam

Bihu Festival


14. Many many varieties of pretty Orchids

More than 500 species


15. The lush tea-tees!



16. Asia’s first

Rang Ghar


17. The village of magical healers

Mayong Village


18. Safety banned!

No to Helmets

It is certainly a fascinating place. With ancient magic villages and golf courses in tea plantations, so many eccentricities are associated with Assam. However, it is a peaceful space and it’s right to say that a state that vows by tranquility is one of the most serene states of the nation.

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