These stories are just a reminder why you cant get enough of Virat Kohli


Focused. Dedicated. Aggressive.From being India’s Under 19 World Cup winning captain to the world no.1 in 2013, from getting India’s vice-captaincy to receiving Arjuna Award for his incredible contribution to the sport, he has come a long way. His records have been compared to none other than Sir Don Bradman. His class has been compared to the God of cricket Sachin Tendulkar.But with every passing inning, he is outdoing his own benchmarks, he is turning into his own best version

The man has been known for all his work and performance but a little did we know about his other side. Here are a few, lesser known stories which will tell you that Virat Kohli is a total Badass,
whether on or off the field.

1. Team India > Virat Kohli


2. When he put his duty first


3. When he was more happy about scoring in front of the God Himself


4. When the two of indian crickets legends just mutually admired each other


5. When he kept his word


6. When he just hush the critics with his 100s


7. And when he effortlessy sledged an Aussie


If only people were half cool as him.




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