8-Year-Old Boy Stuck in Lift for 2 Hours Completes his Homework to Stay Calm

In the case of poor maintenance of society buildings, an 8-year-old boy was stuck in a lift in Faridabad for two hours. He resided in Omaxe society wherein he was stuck in the elevator. He tried to calm himself down and did not panic in such a situation. He tried to distract himself by completing his homework while stuck inside the lift.

The boy’s father Pawan Chandila, who works in Gurugram, said that his family lived on the 4th floor of that building. When his son Garvit, the 8-year-old boy was heading downstairs to go to his tuition at 5 pm, he took the elevator and was stuck then. He also informed that his wife was not well which is she could not accompany Garvit that day. This whole incident took place on Sunday.

(Represntative image/unsplash)

The elevator was stuck on the second floor while the boy was coming down. He tried to alert people and ask for help by pressing the emergency buttons. He also knocked on the door but all in vain as nobody came to help him then. This is when the 8-year-old decided to maintain his calm as he recalled his father’s advice to be composed even in panic situations. To calm himself down, he started doing his homework and distracted himself by this.

An hour later when Garvit’s parents were informed by his tuition teacher that he is not in attendance that day, they naturally panicked. They started searching for him and got to know from the security guard about the lift not working since 5 pm. They quickly called the technical team and rescued him by 7 pm.

This whole incident was definitely a sign of how mismanaged a society is. The only heartwarming thing about it is the boy who did not lose his calm and actually did something worthwhile. The fact that this boy remembered what his parents taught him and used this learning in a real-life situation is commendable. Being just a little boy, he showed the presence of mind more than any adult can. Kudos to him!

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