19 Interesting Facts About The Majestic Maharashtra

Maharashtra is the financial, commercial and entertainment hub of India. Located in the western region of India, it has a spectacular combination of pristine beaches and tranquil remains of crumbling, lonely forts and cave temples. In fact, as we go on to explore Maharashtra, we find ourselves delving deeper into its rich cultural heritage.

But, at the same time, Maharashtra is home to some of the most developed cities of India, such as Mumbai, Pune, etc., and is the most urbane state in India. So, we bring you 19 Interesting Facts About The Majestic Maharashtra that separate it from the rest of the states.

1. The massive roadway

2. Have a swim in soda!

3. Say no to doors!

4. The station of two states

5. No food for the right reason!

6. Massive per capita Income

7. Honesty is the best policy!

8. Friendly cobras

9. The hustle bustle of rush hour

10. Home to many saints

11.The first Indian navy

12. Many gateways to Aurangabad

13. The gold studded Nagpur 

14. Inventor of Badminton

15. First of Asia

16. In the history of ever!

17. Too many to fit in!

18. The place where Ramayana started

19. Too much to handle!

The fascinating state of Maharashtra is one of a kind. It is an abode for the beautiful world of Bollywood and shines bright with the gleam of people’s dreams. Maharashtra glistens just as the film sets do. And may it keep doing so forever and ever…