15 Best Memes on Don 3 As Ranveer Replaces SRK In The Franchise

As recently announced by Farhan Akhtar on Twitter that Ranveer Singh will be replacing Shah Rukh Khan in the newest installment of the Don movie series. Fans have had mixed reactions to this. Although people love Ranveer Singh as an actor as they should because of his outstanding performances over the years, Don was an iconic ShahRukh Khan movie. SRK’s Don even surpassed the fame of the original 1978 Don with Amitabh Bachchan. Nonetheless, we got a good deal out of this confusion. Internet has had an influx of memes since the announcement of this new replacement. Check out some of the best memes of Don 3:

1. Majnu Bhai knows the best!

2. All we can do is hope that this horse looks good when the movie finally releases!

3. Yes, please! Don’t make Don without SRK! Have two Dons if need be!

4. Although if we order SRK and get Ranveer Singh, we wouldn’t really mind though!

5. This is a little mean but REALLY HILARIOUS!

6. Your girl is actually SRK’s girl whether or not she is talking to him. Period.

7. So there will be no Don 4 with Ranveer then? Can we expect SRK to make a comeback?

8. Chota Don Supremacy all the way!! Chota Don >>>>> Ranveer Singh as Don

9. Right now, Ranveer is that bahu who cooks, cleans, and takes care of everything but Gharwale loves Badi Bahu aka SRK

10. So you are saying SRK was out of budget?! *goes on to break piggy bank aggressively*

11. I can already imagine a scene with Ranveer on top of a fridge while being chased by ‘gyarah mulko ki police’

12. Even the imagination sucks! What about the movie then?

13. Only Simba is interested in this Don

14. Only Bollywood legends are allowed to play Don

15. I can hear this image and so can you!

I would rather have Chota Don aka Bandya as my Don rather than Ranveer Singh!

But jokes aside, Ranveer Singh is a versatile actor and should be given a fair chance. After all, when SRK can take over from Big B, why can’t Ranveer be passed on the mantle? All these memes are funny but are undermining Ranveer’s acting ability. On the other hand, matching SRK is not easy and for us SRK is irreplaceable.

But we are hoping Ranveer actually pulls this off, and we get our very own multiverse madness of Don! Let us know your opinion in the comment section on what you think about these best memes on Don 3!

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