8 Biggest Fights In The History Of The IPL

Cricket is considered a Gentleman’s game, however, sometimes things get heated up and we have instances where players lose their calm. There have been many such instances in the IPL as well where players would even go to the extent of fighting with each other. Here’s a list of the biggest fights to ever happen throughout the history of the IPL.

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1. RCB VS LSG 2023: Virat Kohli vs Gautam Gambhir & Naveen-ul-haq 

The most recent one on the list, this instance between Kohli and Gambhir became viral. It started when during the match between RCB and LSG, Kohli and Naveen-ul-Haq have a verbal sparring while Naveen was batting. Then after the match got over, during the post-match handshake Naveen and Kohli have a verbal argument. Things escalate quite a lot when Kohli was talking to Kyle Mayers who is pulled back by Gambhir resulting in an animated verbal argument between Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir.

2. RCB vs KKR 2013: Virat Kohli vs Gautam Gambhir – The beginning 

These 2 have quite a history, before the latest one in 2023, they had another fight 10 years ago back in the 2013 IPL season. This happened while Gambhir was the captain of the KKR team, during a RCB vs KKR match. Virat Kohli got out to a ball by Balaji when he argues with one of the fielders. Gambhir then charges at Kohli and both have a verbal argument. The umpires had to step in and separate both of them.

3. DC vs RR 2022: Pant vs Umpires

Fights can happen with umpires as well! This one happened between Rishabh Pant and the umpires during a match between DC( Delhi Capitals) and RR.

DC was chasing a high target and needed 36 runs off the last over when Powell who was the batter hit 2 sixes off 2 balls when the bowler Obed Mccoy bowls a high full toss which goes for another six. However, DC thought it should be a no-ball while the umpires called it a fair delivery. Rishabh Pant, the captain of the DC team, was angry and asked both the batters to leave the pitch and come back to the dugout as a sign of protest. Pravin Amre, DC coach, was even seen running to the field and talking to the umpires.

4. CSK vs RR 2019: Captain Cool Loses His Calm 

Yup, that’s right even someone as cool as Captain MS Dhoni can lose his calm, that too against the Umpire. This happened during a CSK vs RR match in 2019. CSK were chasing and needed 8 runs off 3 balls when Ben Stokes the bowler bowls a full toss which appears to be above the waist height but is not given a no-ball by the umpires.

At this, Dhoni storms onto the pitch and argues with the umpires for quite some time. I guess this just goes to show that even Captain Cool is a human after all.

5. MI vs RCB 2014: Pollard Throws His Bat At Starc

This one’s a classic that happened during a match between MI and RCB IN 2014. MI was batting first when RCB pacer Mitchell Starc bowled a bouncer to Pollard. Pollard was not able to play it and Starc sledged him for that, Pollard in return commanded Starc to return and bowl.

Starc then runs up to bowl his next ball when Pollard retreated. However, Starc did not stop with the delivery and bowled triggering Pollard to throw his bat at him. Hopefully, the bat didn’t land near Starc and no injuries took place. This easily is one of the ugliest instances in cricket history.

6. MI vs KXIP 2008: Bhajji Slaps Sreesanth

This one was arguably the most ugly spat in IPL history which happened in the inaugural season of the IPL in 2008. It happened during a match between Kings XI Punjab and Mumbai Indians. Mumbai Indians had lost against Punjab by a huge margin of 66 runs. Kings XI Punjab bowler Sreesanth taunted Harbhajan Singh who was already upset with the loss and was not in the mood at the time and got so annoyed he slapped Sreesanth. Harbhajan Singh got suspended for the remainder of the season and later apologized for what happened.

7. RPS vs MI 2016: Rayudu Gets Angry At Bhajji

This instance between teammates Harbhajan Singh and Ambati Rayudu happened during a match between RPS (Rising Pune Supergiants) and MI (Mumbai Indians) in 2016. Harbhajan Singh bowled to RPS batter Saurabh Tiwary who hits it towards the boundary. Rayudu dives to get the ball but mishandles it and it goes for a 4. Harbhajan in the heat of the moment shouts at Rayudu for misfielding, at which Rayudu gets furious and charges towards Harbhajan Singh. Both players face off when Harbhajan decided to sort things out and apologized to Rayudu.

8. MI vs RCB 2019: Pollard Tapes His Mouth

We have another instance where a player gets angry at an umpire, this one coming during a match between RCB and MI in 2019. RCB are chasing a huge target of 209 when MI player Keiron Pollard attempted to get under Chris Gayle’s skin by walking around him and saying few words to him. At this, the umpire warns Kieron Pollard not to bother the batter. Pollard then decides to tape his mouth to make a mockery out of the umpire’s warning.

With that, we come to the end of this article. The fact that these instances happen doesn’t mean that cricket is not a gentleman’s game anymore, these things happen just in the heat of the moment and often players do apologize for their behavior. Hope you enjoyed reading about the biggest fights to take place in IPL history. Don’t forget to share this article and comment if you know other instances.

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