Bizzare: Bihar Man Thought ‘Dead’ by Family Found Eating Momo in Noida

In a bizarre turn of events, a man from Bhagalpur district in Bihar, who was presumed to be dead, was recently discovered alive and well, dressed as a beggar at a bustling Momo stall in Noida. The surprising sighting has left locals and authorities scratching their heads while offering relief, confusion, and, of course, a dash of amusement.

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Nishant Kumar’s sudden vanishing act on January 31, 2023, during a visit to his in-laws’ home on the auspicious occasion of a family wedding, sparked immediate concern. Nishant’s brother-in-law, Ravi Shankar Singh, wasted no time in filing a missing person’s report at the Sultanganj police station, leaving the entire community on high alert. Adding to the drama, Nishant’s father, openly accused his brother-in-law, Ravi Shankar Singh, of having a hand in Nishant’s mysterious disappearance. Nishant was soon presumed to be dead by his family.


However, as fate would have it, Ravi Shankar Singh stumbled upon the supposedly “dead” Nishant at an unsuspecting Momo stall in Noida. In a hilarious twist of fate, Ravi, seeking some hot dumplings, found himself face to face with his long-lost brother-in-law, who was unrecognizable in his beggar’s attire. Ravi Shankar saw the momo stall owner chasing away the beggar who was repeatedly asking for food. Feeling sorry for the beggar, Ravi offered to buy him momo. On asking the Beggar’s name and whereabouts, Ravi Shankar realized that the beggar was his brother-in-law, Nishant who was presumed dead!

As the news of Nishant Kumar’s unusual reappearance spreads like wildfire, Bhagalpur district and Noida find themselves at the center of an amusing tale. While the truth behind Nishant’s disappearance remains shrouded in mystery, the discovery of his second life as a beggar and finally being found at a Momo stall has injected a dose of humor and light-heartedness into an otherwise perplexing situation.

As the dust settles and the laughter subsides, one thing is for sure: the Bihar Man’s unexpected resurrection from the “dead” has brought a smile to the faces of those who had grown accustomed to the gloom. And as the world continues to spin its tales of the extraordinary, we are reminded that sometimes the most delightful surprises can be found in the most unlikely places, even at a humble Momo stall in Noida.

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