15 Things That Actually Happened in India This Month: May 2023

Congrats! You all have survived this hot summer month of May. While this month had a lot of important and memorable events there were a lot of weird and absurd things that went viral. That’s why we got you a compilation of such stories that actually happened in India this month: May 2023.

1.) Students In Bihar Take An Exam With No Inviligator And Play Music On TV

This video from Bihar went viral and will leave you in splits. In the video, a classroom full of students can be seen playing Bhojpuri music on TV and cheating on their phones. There is no invigilator present during the exam and thus the students are making full use of the opportunity.

2.) 93-Year-Old Mumbai Woman Wins Court Battle After 80 Years

A 93-year-old Mumbai woman finally won a court case after almost 80 years after getting back two South Mumbai flats that were requisitioned in the early 1940s.

(Representational Image)

3.) Maid In Greater Noida Pees In Water Bucket And Then Mops The Floor

A domestic aide was caught on CCTV camera wiping the floor with water she had peed in just before. She was then arrested by Greater Noida police.

4.) Wriddhiman Saha Has A Hilarious Fashion Blunder

In a match between LSG and GT in the IPL 2023, GT wicket-keeper batsman Wriddhiman Saha had to come out on the field hurriedly and in that wore his pants wrong.

5.) Wife Spots Husband with Girlfriend in Kerala ThroughTraffic Speed Camera 

A Kerela man was speeding with a woman when he gets a challan from the police through the traffic speed camera, this challan is received by his wife who gets to know that her husband is cheating on her.

(Representative Image. Source: Pexels)

6.) Bride Chases Groom For 20 Kms Who Wanted To Run Away From The Marriage

A woman chased her groom for 20 km after she realized that her groom got cold feet and won’t come for the marriage. After she found him boarding a bus, they had a heated exchange after which they both get married in a temple.

7.) Woman caught with 22 snakes of various species and a chameleon in her baggage at the Chennai Airport 

This woman was traveling from Malaysia to Chennai and brought with her 22 Snakes and 1 Chameleon, after which she was arrested by Customs.

8.) Madhya Pradesh Farmers use ‘Desi Daru’ to double their double production of Summer Moong Crops

Recently this new method of fertilizing crops in Haryana by using alcohol has gone viral. These farmers of Narmadapuram claim that by spraying Country liquor their yield increases up to two times.

(Representative Image. Source: Pixa Hive)

9.) Chattisgarh Government Official drains 21 Lakh Litres of water from a reservoir to recover his iPhone 

A Chattisgarh bureaucrat used his powers to drain out a dam to recover his iPhone which he accidentally slipped out of his hands while clicking a selfie.

10.) FIR filed against a 100-year-old Kanpur Woman

This happened recently in Kanpur where a 100-year-old woman got booked under an FIR. the woman could not even speak or walk properly and the UP Police booked her for a property dispute. Later all the charges were dropped.

11.) Man Transforms into an ‘Ichchadhari Bandar’ in an Indian Daily Soap

Indian daily soaps have reached another new low as this video went viral recently which showed a man turning into a monkey.

12.) Udaipur Resident Uses Donkeys To Pull A Car That Broke Down

A Udaipur man took matters into his own hands when his car broke down and he decided to use donkeys to pull the car to the showroom.

13.) Star Sports Anchors Play Hot Or Not On Indian Cricketers

The TV channel received a lot of flak due to their weird program of female anchors rating Indian cricketers as hot or not.

14.) Bihar Groom Calls Off Wedding Midway To Confess Love For Bride’s Sister

Weird incidents can happen at weddings and this one takes the gold medal for the most absurd thing to happen.

15.) First-Time Flyer Arrested At Bengaluru Airport For Smoking ‘Beedi’ Onboard Akasa Air Flight

M Praveen Kumar, a 56-year-old man, was arrested at Bengaluru Airport as he risked fellow passengers’ lives by smoking a beedi during the flight to Bengaluru on Akasa Air.

With that, we now come to the end of this best-of-the-month compilation. As I told you before pretty absurd and weird stuff happened this month and these were just some of those stories. We hope you enjoyed reading this article and will share this with your friends and family, we’ll be back next month with some of the best stories for next month, till then adios!

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