12 Dialogues From Laapataa Ladies That Teach About Real Women Empowerment


Laapataa Ladies is a satirical drama movie produced by Kiran Rao and Amir Khan and it was recently released on Netflix. Ever since it was released- it has been receiving heaps of praise from viewers, celebs, and critics. This film is about two veiled newlyweds who are traveling via train to their villages- but get swapped on the journey. The movie has a crisp storyline that does not haywire in between- the two women’s stories keep going side by side and both will keep you hooked. The dialogue will movie a string in your heart and most women will relate with them. Even, the main leads have portrayed their innocent village roles with full gusto. The best thing about it- the movie will give you some lessons but leave you to think about them on your own without being too preachy. Since this movie is in the buzz- let’s check out all the dialogues from Laapataa Ladies that are heart-warming.

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1. That’s like my lady!
“A man who loves you has the right to hit you. One day I exercised my right as well.”

2. He got the point, right?
“Covering the face is like covering one’s identity.”

4. He knew what words to learn!
“I only know a few words in English. But I am the only one in the family who can say even this much. I love you.”

4. That innocent man!
“This girl will go a long way.”
“Yes, sir. Dehradun is about 800 km from here.”

5. It’s high time we learn that…
“Forgive me.”
“Don’t apologize for having a dream.”

6. Always take your time to understand this world and the people who live in it…
“This world is very strange, don’t be taken in by what you see…things are often not what they seem.”


7. Yes, they definitely would be screwed!
“Women can farm and cook. We can give birth to children and raise them. If you think about it…women don’t need men at all. But if women figured this out, men would be screwed, wouldn’t they?”

8. Make mistakes…but also learn from them and don’t repeat them like a fool again!
“There is nothing shameful in being a fool. But feeling proud of being a fool is shameful.”

9. Finally, this fraudulent system is out in the open!
For centuries, women in this country have been duped…this con is also known as ‘respectable girls’.

10. Master the art of living by yourself…
“Being happy on your own is the toughest thing, Phool…but, yes, once you master it, no one can bother you.”

11. Art is a God-given gift…sharpen it and make it shine.
“You think making art is futile? Then everyone would have it, right? Talent is given by Goddess Saraswati.”

12. But truth makes life simple…isn’t it?
“This is the way of the world, Deepak. Lies are accepted, but no one likes the simple truth.”

If you loved all these powerful dialogues from Laapataa Ladies. Go and watch the movie on Netflix now!

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