10 Bollywood Movies That Beautifully Portrayed Mother-Daughter Relationship


Indian movies are never behind when it comes to showing the powerful versions of a mother- right from Mother India to English Vinglish- we have seen moms making smart and strong moves for themselves and their families. And, mothers in Bollywood are celebrated for their love, courage, and empathy not just on Mother’s Day- but throughout the year! So, on that note, let’s have a look at some of the best Bollywood movies that beautifully portrayed mother-daughter relationship.

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1. Mom

Mom is a compelling thriller drama film starring the stellar actress Sridevi in the lead role of a desperate mother who is out on a mission to find and avenge those who not just sexually assaulted her stepdaughter at a party but managed to get away with it due to connections. She knows that when justice isn’t served the right way- she is making it happen in her way- she will not let those four perpetrators walk freely. This movie shows how a mother can rock anybody’s boat who tries to harm her kids.

2. Nil Battey Sannata

The movie is about Chanda- an illiterate woman hailing from a small village who has been the worst in life. So, when it comes to her daughter Apeksha- she wants her to get equal education and career opportunities as any other boy from her neighborhood. Her sacrifices, love, and dreams to see her daughter become a strong independent woman is a heart-touching story to watch.

3. Listen…Amaya

A drama film that is way ahead of its time! This progressive movie that released in 2013 is about a grown-up woman named Aamaya, a budding writer, whose single mother falls in love with a man named Jayant. Jayant coincidentally turns out to be the one with whom Amaya is collaborating on a coffee table book. To accept the changes in her own life and relationship with her mother and the fact that she is moving on her life and leaving her old love and life behind- is heart-wrenching but soulful. And, this beautiful journey is shown in this film.

4. Secret Superstar

A very emotional story of a woman named Najma who tackles her abusive husband and faces all the violence and shouting so that her daughter can live her dream of becoming a singing sensation. The nurturing yet strong nature of a woman who is going through a dark tunnel, and still wants her daughter to have hopes and dreams in her life- makes this movie even more special to watch. When two women of the house take their fate into their hands- no patriarchy can suppress them!

5. Gippi

This family comedy film is about Gippy who is living with her mother and younger brother in Shimla. This overweight teenager is struggling with self-esteem issues- but her mother comes to her rescue! Be it her first periods, her competitions in school, her confidence issues, or her future- her mother reassures her in everything.


6. Khoobsurat

A rom-com movie about a young eccentric woman who accidentally meets a man from a royal family and the love sparks between them. However, the relationship between Manju (Kiron Kher), and her daughter Mili (Sonam Kapoor)- isn’t all banters and taunts. They share a friendly bond and can openly discuss many matters like career, love, social issues, and so much more without being judgemental- a pleasant mother-daughter duo who proves that having a good bond can be so great.

7. Goldfish

A beautiful drama film that shows a woman who has not lived with her mom for the past several years, returning to live with her after she discovers that her mother has been diagnosed with dementia. The movie peels many layers of a mom-daughter relationship that are often not discussed or shown in movies. It is a beautiful yet sad film that has a stellar lead cast- Deepti Naval, and Kalki Koechlin. The movie teaches you how women can overcome past traumas, and help each other in healing.

8. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

DDLJ was a romantic story that stole everyone’s heart and Raj and Simran got etched in everyone’s heart forever. But, for a daughter, who is not allowed to choose the way she wants to live her life- she needs a support system. And for Simran, her mom (played by Farida Jalal), was a sweet support system! Suppressed by patriarchy- her mom wanted to give her daughter the freedom that she never got.

9. Shubh Mangal Savdhan

Bhumi Pednekar plays the role of a woman who marries a man suffering from erectile dysfunction. While, in today’s world, most topics are considered taboo- it is a pleasant surprise to watch Bhumi’s character Sugandha share a heart-warming and open bond with her mom. She can discuss all her issues including sexual issues without being shamed for it. Even though, given a limited screen time- this mother-daughter duo greatly impacted the viewers with their relationship.

10. Kal Ho Na Ho

Kal Ho Na Ho has shown friendships, family, cousins, siblings, neighbors, love stories- and possible relationship dramas. Still, the strong bond between a strong single mom and her elder daughter and their unsaid support for each other- trying to fill the empty spaces of each other’s life- will bring tears to your eyes. Jennifer and her daughter Naina are alike and different in many ways- still, they are each other’s strength in the good and bad times.

So, those were all the Bollywood movies that beautifully portrayed the mother-daughter relationship that we brought to you- watch these all with your mom and mom’s mom and spread love and positivity everywhere!

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