These Soft Boys from Bollywood Movies Were Something Else


Bollywood has given us so many memorable characters- however, many of the men shown in these movies are written by men- so, maybe women didn’t like them that much! But, worry not- there are some that we all loved and adored and they became the ultimate green flag characters. Yes, you can call them soft boys- but the world needs more emotionally mature men- and so does Bollywood, right? That is why, we have compiled the names of some of the most popular soft boys from Bollywood movies.

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1. Aditya Kashyap | Jab We Met

Aditya Kashyap’s character arc shows progressing from a nearly suicidal businessman with mommy issues- to one optimistic and successful businessman. But one constant thing was his ‘soft boy’ persona that he kept from the start till the end. He smiled while listening to Geet, did not judge her choices, and even got inspired by her daring lifestyle. Even when he fell in love with a bubbly and talkative Geet- he did not want to get in her way. A man who respects the choices of the woman he loves? We can never get over Aditya from Jab We Met!

2. Siddharth Sinha | Dil Chahta Hai

Siddharth is a sensitive guy who has an old-style love that is about love letters, drawing paintings, and being together no matter what! Despite being in his twenties and having a fun friend circle- Siddharth is the soft boy of the trio- he falls in love with an older woman and stays by her side when she struggles with loneliness, alcoholism, divorce, and a life-threatening illness. And, if you want to see a classic difference between a man’s love and a boy’s love- look no further, just watch Siddharth and Akash’s love story in this film.

3. Varun Srivastava | Lootera

Varun is a man on a mission- and he sure betrays Pakhi, but when he comes to know about her illness- he can’t stop himself from going back and taking care. He is filled with regret and remorse and his life overpowers all the other emotions- truly, what a woman wants from a man. So, yes- he is a complicated fella with a past- but a man with a soft heart.

4. Vicky Parashar | Stree

Rajkumar Rao’s Vicky is a tailor with skills famous in all the nearby towns and villages. He has fallen in love with this mysterious beauty who visits his town once every year. Blind in love- our soft boy has full faith that she is a real person and that his undying love and support for her is gentle, sweet, and naive- just like him.

5. Robbie Bhatia | Manamrziyan

Robbie learned about Rumi’s love life, her longing for her boyfriend, and her confused emotions, and tried to be her friend first. And, while understanding his wife- he fell in love with her. But, despite everything- she is still rooting for her old love and yearning for a new one. While most men would’ve gotten their egos hurt- Robbie resorted to a mutual understanding and decided to let her go while just staying friends.

6. Surinder Sahni | Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

Surinder Sahni aka Suri is a sweet and simple government employee- who lives in Amritsar, and has a big old mansion. He gets into an arranged marriage with a bubbly, young woman named Tani. He is quite happy- but wanted someone smarter- so our Suri Paaji defied all odds and became an alter-ego of himself- Raj Kapoor, a charming young man who is talkative, has a bike, and loves to dance. That’s how far Suri was ready to go for his love. Can you?


7. Rohit Patel | Kal Ho Na Ho

Rohit was first a best friend, and then a man who fell for his bestie. He was loyal, courteous, and such a soft boy that one would feel Naina was so lucky to find a life partner like him. Rohit is a dependable man-  one who even loved and supported Naina- even when he knew that she loved Aman. He never took Naina for granted no matter how much long he knew her.

8. Sarfaraz Yousouf | PK

Sarfaraz is soft-spoken and looks at his girlfriend with those dreamy eyes- his cycling scene with his GF in the cute and scenic lanes of Belgium and his camaraderie with her shown in the film- no matter how short it was shown- just stole our hearts. And, at the end when their love wins- we feel like we have won as an audience. All the single girls still are rooting for a man like Sarfaraz who would wait for her girl till eternity- calling every day to find her whereabouts.

9. Jai Singh Rathore | Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

Jai Singh Rathore is a man who might have been born into a royal family where every man is expected to have that masculine presence- but Jai being a softy, only knows how to win Aditi’s heart and bring a smile to her face. Jai and Aditi gave us #couplegoals and taught us how a couple needs to be best friends first- someone who makes you comfortable even when you look, and feel your worst.

10. Raj Malhotra | Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

Raj…naam to suna hi hoga! And, that’s not it- he was charming and witty. But, he was someone who did not eat while his girlfriend was observing a fast on karwachauth, vowed to take her back even if he had to get in a real fight with the whole world, and accepted all the tantrums of Anjali- in the times when women were expected to simply let men take the lead and only speak when told to.

11. Prem | Vivah

Prem is innocent, just like Preeti- they both met and the love at first sight happened. But, that is just an attraction- right? Nope, his way of talking and understanding a person who is opposite of him is appreciable.  A woman who lived a simple life in a small town reads Hindi magazines and loves taking care of the household- while, he has only lived a big-city life- a movie that showed that if he wanted to, he would. Even the ending – where he marries the woman whom he has fallen in love with, despite the tragedy she has gone through- these are the standards we need from men.

12. Arjun Burman | Aisha

This is a movie that is like a fairytale romance set in a modern world. A woman who lives in her world with friends, gossip, branded clothes, and never-ending trends- Aisha. But, her world starts to shift when she meets the boy next door, Arjun. Arjun is a gentleman who can easily open a class for all the macho boys of today’s times who always end up complaining about women without making any effort. The ending where our Romeo takes up a ladder to Juliet’s balcony- is the perfect ending to a love story. And, yes- fairytales are possible in the 21st century too!

So, these were all the Soft Boys from Bollywood Movies who we think are better than macho men who prefer to always lead the way instead of holding hands and walking side by side.

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