Most Emotional Scenes From Bollywood Movies That Give You A Good Cry


All of us are empaths- because we are humans, after all. And, although some people cry more easily while watching a movie than others- emotions keep us alive- don’t they? So, no matter how ‘strong’ some people might claim they are- there are some exceptional movies that will connect with you on a deeper level and make you cry hard. Here are some of the most emotional scenes from Bollywood movies that can move you into tears in just a few seconds.

1. Ghajini – Asin’s character dying in front of her boyfriend Sanjay

Ghajini was released in 2008, and while it became a smashing it- it also left us all heartbroken. We were all waiting for that moment when Sanjay would reveal his real identity to Kalpana and they would go on to live happily ever after. Can anyone turn back the time and help me save Kalpana?

2. Taare Zameen Par – When Ishan’s parents left him at the boarding school

This movie made us realize how sometimes parents try to ward off their kids instead of understanding their real issues. But, to watch the kid and his mother crying and having separation anxiety is so gut-wrenching. How I wished I could take him back and talk with his parents at that moment!

3. Kal Ho Na Ho– When Everyone was seeing off Aman in the hospital

This movie gave us laughs, great songs, and happy family moments, our angel was bidding us a final goodbye and I watched it with such a heavy heart. Naina and Aman were the best pair- but Rohit and Naina were the best of friends- losing him was a big loss to both of them- and also the viewers. Even now, many of you might’ve loved watching the whole movie, just skipping this last part!

4. Anand – When Anand takes his last breath in front of Bhaskar

A 1971 movie about a terminally ill man named Anand- who taught a lot of life lessons and instilled positivity in every person he met on his way, including his doctor- Bhaskar. Throughout the movie, would smile like an idiot while watching Anand’s joyful and helpful nature- but after watching the ending- you might weep a lot.

5. Swades – When SRK’s character was leaving for the US after getting attached to a whole village in India…

No one would have thought that a man working in NASA would come back to India and a village- solve their electricity problems, and connect with all of them! He loved the fresh air, green fields, and innocent people- and also fell in love. So, when this once-a-fussy NRI had his time of life and now had to get back to work- his eyes were the saddest- even a grown man would cry watching this scene- you can feel his longing for his people and country.


6. Shershah – When Vikram was giving a salute and Dimple was crying her heart out

It was hard- really hard to watch Vikram Batra’s twin brother giving a hand to the coffin, his parents being numb, and Dimple covering her mouth with her wedding Dupatta- that feeling of losing your loved one and knowing that they will never return- it can not be described in words.

7. Barfi – When they both had lived life together and now it was the end…

Watching a couple find solace in each other’s presence is the best. When two weird individuals like Barfi and Jhilmil fell in love- their love was so pure and innocent that even you would want that kind of relationship with someone! Well, at the end when Barfi is breathing his last and Jhilmil just slides onto the hospital bed and peacefully dies along with him- can life be any more cruel, blissful, and amusing at the same time? This scene will make you wonder!

8. Masaan – When Deepak found Shalu’s body on the banks of river Ganga…

Every love story deserves a happy ending- what is it that can make you happy? A happy ending, right? But, some movies give you an ending that will break your heart. This movie showed Deepak, who burns funeral pyres at the Ganga Ghat- falling in love with Shalu. But, in the end, when he sees Shalu’s body floating on the Ganga ghat- and recognizes the ring that he gave her- it is a tear-jerking moment.

9. Chak De! India – When coach Kabir Khan cried tears of joy after India won the finals

Winning is not just a fleeting feeling- it is a journey of hardships, struggles, failures, and finally a win! So, when Kabir Khan dreamt of winning a trophy for India- it took him many decades. And, when finally, the team of dedicated young women worked hard to achieve their dream- the coach was happy, relieved, and proud.

10. URI- The scene where Vihan’s niece gives her father a big salute and a loud cry

Bidding farewell to your loved ones is never easy- ask the army people how difficult it is. In the movie URI- the scene where Vihan’s young niece is giving farewell to her father with tears in her eyes- that is not an easy thing to do. Especially, watching a young kid going through this- this scene will tear your heart into pieces.

So, these were the most emotional scenes from Bollywood movies and now I guess we can finally agree- that we all cried in all these scenes.

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