10 Green Flag Characters in Bollywood Movies That Are Real Gentlemen


Women love being treated like how they are- Queens. And, we all have grown up crushing over so many popular characters from Bollywood movies who did that. And, while turning into adults, surprisingly, the list narrowed down to only those who treat women with respect, love, and like a true best friend! That being said, not just in K-dramas, but in many of our Bollywood movies, heroes have also proven that they are green flags, and women like me and you would jump at the first opportunity that they get to date them. Well, writing great characters who are green flags means writing Men and not boys, and in Bollywood, it is a HUGE task. Because, when characters like Ranvijy from Animal are glorified for their crass behavior- we all know they are glaring red flags. However, some movies gave us Green flag characters in Bollywood movies and we all are guilty of falling in love with them!

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1. Aditya | Jab We Met

Aditya came into Geet’s life like a breath of fresh air- or maybe vice versa- but they both comforted each other in hard times. And, even when Aditya fell in love with her- he let her go, supported her in every decision she took- no matter how childish it sounds, came back when he got to know that she had not returned home- helped her get back on track, made her realize that there is nothing wrong with how she is and that he loves her for being herself- carefree and chilled out. Yup, Aditya has raised the bar so high for all the men!

2. Jai | Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

They say that a couple has a long and happy relationship if they are best friends first- and so, we already knew that Jai and Aditi are the best couple- since they understood each other so much. Their chemistry, fights, and bond was so cute that we all wished that we had a friendship so pure in our lives. Jai, being unapologetically caring, kind, and understanding- be it Aditi crying over her cat’s death or being angry after having a bad day- an unjudgemental boyfriend who keeps you above everyone else? 100% a green flag!

3. SRK | Dear Zindagi

Even though, SRK and Alia’s characters never got romantically involved with each other- their interactions were enough to show how much we needed to open up and have real communication to bond with our loved ones. He is simple, straightforward, open-minded, respectful, classy, and handsome. Now, that’s a shade of green that we all love- isn’t it?

4. Inspector Rana | Kahaani

Inspector Rana was a just police officer who was true to his job- which most police officers in India aren’t ngl! So, when he met a pregnant woman seeking justice for her husband’s death- he was even more intrigued and wanted to help her. A man who is emotionally mature and wants to help a pregnant woman- but going on investigations with her every day- somewhere he fell in love with her- such a simple guy! If you ever find a man who is kind, helpful, and falls in love with who you are without any conditions attached- remember he is a green flag just like Inspector Rana!

5. Irrfan | Piku

Irfan Khan always lights up scenes with his mere presence! And, this movie features a stellar star cast including Irfan Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, and Deepika Padukone- all of them steal the show with their performances in the film! The movie shows the three characters going on a long road trip. The deep interactions between the two leads- who are in their mid-thirties- make us realize how so many women are strong, independent, and completely capable of taking care of their old parents- but, still, they need love and support. And, Irfan’s character is just that.

6. Farhaan Akhtar | Dil Dhadkane Do

Farhan Akhtar’s character is a journalist who has travelled the world and has become even wiser than he already is. He came back and instantly saw his childhood love and fell for her again! But, he respects her, motivates her to be more ambitious, supports her, and even lectures those who try to judge her from a narrow mindset. A man who supports rights for equality for women and also has a broad mindset- finding such guys in our desi neighborhood is tougher than finding dinosaur remains in your backyard fr!


7. Vicky kaushal | Raazi

Vicky Kaushal is a brilliant actor, and before he became a mainstream actor- he gave a stellar performance as a Pakistani officer who married an Indian Kashmiri woman. Despite all the differences, cares about her, does not shy away from expressing his feelings, and is even emotionally available- and makes sure that the degrading remarks that his father makes about Sehmat’s country- do not hurt her. He is a husband that is truly a green flag in every sense.

8. Sattu | Satyaprem Ki Katha

If green flag characters needed a leader- Sattu would be the one. From breaking stereotypes around sex and consent, and even depression to some extent- many issues were raised in the movie. While so many social themes were explored-  the most being patriarchy. But, Sattu was in love and knew that he had to protect his wife from not just the stereotypes followed in his household, but also in Katha’s rich business family- who can’t understand their daughter. Imagine having a husband who is ready to fight the world for you.

9. Aman | Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Sure, Rahul was popular in college and played basketball- knew fashion and tricks to impress girls (including that friendship band trend), but was he toxic- maybe, a little? He was in love with Tina or Anjali? Even if he loved Tina- shouldn’t dump your bestie within a day of finding your love, right? On the other hand, Aman was only truly and genuinely in love with Anjali- waited for her to say yes- for many years, and even decided to marry her off to Rahul for her happiness- I would’ve chosen Aman, for sure!

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10. Veer | Veer Zara

Veer wooed Zara, fell in love with her- did not care about society, was daring and fearless and ready to go to any lengths to protect his love- that’s the kind of love we only find in fairytales. Veer even went to jail and stayed there for years for Zaara. Anyone love that is so pure that you wait for them for years- it is more greener than our planet Earth.


I know you have more names in mind- so, why don’t you tell us about those green flag characters that we haven’t mentioned?

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