New Exciting Korean Dramas Releasing In May 2024


Watching the latest Korean dramas on a lazy summer afternoon- isn’t it the best way to spend your weekend before heading off towards a hectic Monday morning? Well, I hear you all! And, that is why we have the names of all the new most awaited Korean shows that are releasing this month. You might even get to watch some of your favorite actors in these shows (an added advantage!). Also, with the hugely popular shows like Queen of Tears- coming to an end now it’s time for you to start another great one. So, on that note, check out some of the best Korean dramas releasing in May.

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1. The Atypical Family | 04 May 2024 | Netflix

The Atypical Family is a fantasy romance show- a genre that always excites the Kdrama community. Shows like Hotel Del Luna, Goblin, King The Eternal Monarch, and Alchemy of Souls- all have garnered praise because of their perfect execution leaving all the viewers in hopes of gaining some supernatural powers themselves! This show is about a man who has a lineage of the family with the power to travel back in time- however, he loses it when he faces depression until he meets a young and jolly girl- Do Da He and everything starts falling back in place.

2. The Midnight Romance In Hagwon | 06 May 2024 | Netflix, TVING

A romance drama show that is here to break some taboos about the age gap in couples! Especially, when the young man has fallen in love with his college language instructor- that’s what this show is about. So, how will they tackle such a taboo that still people of South Korea are still not able to accept? And, when the woman in the relationship is older- the society disapproves of them immediately. But, this man is persistent and haven forgotten his college love even after 10 years have passed. Watch the show and tell us about this burning slow love drama.


3. The 8 Show | 17 May 2024 | Netflix

It is a new Korean reality show that is not so easy to participate in! The show’s concept is similar to those locked house reality TV shows where the contestants are kept under pressure and their every action is caught on camera. This show is about 8 participants who are locked inside a studio with concrete walls- for 100 days. If they can survive this time- they win the show and can divide the prize money evenly. However, for every necessary item they ask for, they are 1000 times costlier and their prices would be deducted from the winning amount.

4. Frankly Speaking | 04 May 2024 | Netflix

A funny rom-com K-drama that the fans wait eagerly- it is finally here! This hilarious show has only 12 episodes- it centers around a popular and hardworking new anchor who is good in his job until one day when he can’t control his mouth and he starts speaking whatever comes to his mind! He has become a subject of gossip in the whole nation and now a TV show host is interested in bringing him as a guest on her show- it’s all about TRP! So, what will happen when these two quirky and ambitious media personalities cross paths? Watch the show and tell us.

Image Source: YouTube

If you already marked the dates of release of all these 4 Korean dramas releasing in May- then the binge-watching sessions have already begun. Happy Watching!

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