10 Most Awaited South Indian Movies Releasing in May 2024


South Indian industry is so vast that brings forth more than a dozen movies and each one of them has a new story to tell- how much creativity can the South Industry boast about- Bollywood needs to take some lessons! Well, moving forward, since the hot and humid Summers have officially started- the movie industry is ready to pour some cool and breezy content- thanks to their highly entertaining movies! So, on that note, let’s check out the most awaited South Indian movies releasing in May.

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1. Aranmanai 4 | Tamil | 03 May 

A horror comedy film and the fourth installment of this successful horror-comic franchise that has entertained audiences ever since its first movie was released. The movie is about a lawyer who is on a mission to find the person who was responsible for his sister’s death. But, on his way to find the truth- he comes across a dark and sickening demon who is a threat to everyone who tries to cross his path. However, this demon named Baak is ready to make this man his other prey.

2. The Proof | Tamil | 03 May 

Action, crime, and a captivating courtroom drama- this movie will give you thrills and jolts and every point! The film is about a young girl who was found brutally murdered. Upon peeling the layers of her case- the authorities came across a big drug trafficking scandal that was behind all this. And, the murder was a big cover up- so the powerful people are trying to hide the truth. But, a fearless woman has sworn to bring out the truth and give justice to those who were harmed.

3. Aa Okkati Adakku | Telugu | 03 May 

A pure family entertainer- this comedy movie has a plot about a single new tenant who shifts into a new residential apartment society. However, this individual’s entry is not a normal one and shakes up the entire community of friends, families, and neighbors- bringing a shift in their dynamics. A movie about societal expectations, norms, healthy relations with people who live alongside you and so much more! Sounds like a must-watch- isn’t it?

4. Nadikar | Malayalam | 03 May 

A black comedy film that shows the life journey of a superstar- David. The movie shows his chaotic life filled with highs and lows, extreme popularity, and even rough patches. The film will take you on a roller coaster ride along with a film star whose life from the outside looks shiny and glamorous but has many dark patches from the inside. His wrong decisions fueled his ego and success, and his hardships during the struggling days- you will see all of it and live through his experiences.

5. Switch Case N | Kannada | 03 May 

It is an interesting drama film about the life experiences of an IT professional- straight from the experiences of an IT engineer- Chethan Shetty. Chethan is a former IT professional who has directed the movie and has also written the screenplay, story, and dialogues- so the movie is indeed very close to reality! The film features an ensemble star cast that includes Shwetha Vijaykumar, Prithvi Raj, Vijay Siddaraj, and Karthik Vaibhav among others.


6. Prasanna Vadanam | Telugu | 09 May 

A dark comedy thriller about a man who is facing the rare issue of face blindness- which makes him unable to identify people’s faces as different. He unintentionally wanders into the murky waters of underworld crime and violence. A unique storyline, a rare disease, an even more unpredictable profession, and a man who has to go through all of it- a must-watch film!

7. Kalki 2898 AD | Telugu | 09 May 

A sci-fi action thriller film that is set in a futuristic dystopian world where evil has set foot on Earth and wants to destroy the peaceful life of humans. So, before humankind comes to the brink of going extinct- Kalki has taken birth on earth and his mission is to save the world from the hands of bad and restore its peace once again. It is a mega-budget movie with an ensemble star cast including Prabhas, Deepika Padukone, Amitabh Bachchan, and Rana Duggubati among others.

8. Guruvayoor Ambalanadayil | Malayalam | 16 May 

A comedy movie that will keep you splits throughout because a desi family and a big fat Indian wedding equals a lot of mess, drama, and comedy of errors! The film is about a young man whose family decides for him to get married- they fix a marriage with a pretty young woman for him. But, after the wedding- when the bride and groom meet- a lot of drama and hilarious situations happen. Well, for the starters- the man has married a woman who despises him- a lot!

9. Mandakini / Malayalam / 24 May 

A comedy-drama film and also a family entertainer so you can go watch it with your whole family. The movie revolves around a newly wedded couple- Ambili, and Aromal. Both get happily married, but on their wedding night- dramatic chaos ensues that takes away not just this couple’s but the whole family’s attention away. Now whatever it is- it is sure to make you laugh like crazy!

10. Kaadaadi | Kannada | 24 May

A dramatic sports drama film that is about a young aspiring athlete who wants to win a gold medal at a prestigious sports event and has to go through so many challenges to make her dream come true.

Pick your favorite genres from our above list of South Indian Movies releasing in May and go watch it. Happy Watching!

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